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message 1: by Iliff (new)

Iliff R. | 10 comments Hello everyone,

I have been working with a literary journal for the past couple of years and I am sure that there are others in this group who have also worked with or have submitted to magazines themselves.

So I thought it might be a good idea to open a thread where people can ask questions about submitting to journals. People can also share their experiences and give advice on what the process is like (both as editors/readers and also as writers).

This might be helpful since journals can be a bit different from traditional publishing houses and also because journals are where a lot of writers tend get their start.

message 2: by Iliff (new)

Iliff R. | 10 comments I think since the majority of writers in this group are fiction writers, it might be good to start off with some overused plots that come up in short fiction/fiction in general.

Common settings/tropes that come up often in fiction submissions are: bars, weddings/funerals, fishing boats, American abroad stories, stories that begin with the main character waking up, and stories in which it is revealed that some or all of the story took place in a dream.

While it is not impossible to write a great story that includes these things, it is good to keep in mind that there are a lot of other writers also using them.

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