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Twin Falls Public Library (twinfallspubliclibrary) | 19 comments Mod
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message 2: by Amy (new)

Amy (amymorty) | 53 comments Mod
Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

2 stars

This book wasn't that interesting to me as I am not a runner. It was informative and written well, but the only reason I finished it was because it was a book club read.

message 3: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Koch (wyntr_rose) | 2 comments This one is for Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs,
5 stars.
Another great Book following Mercy Thompson in her adventures.

This is following Mercy Thompson and the Columbia base pack interactions with the Fae again. This time resulting in a 10 yr old looking boy Aiden who is needing their help after spending time in the Underhill and what Underhill had given him. Without giving to much away this is another a great interaction between the Pack of Werewolves, the shifting coyote of Mercy and the ever puzzeling Fae and the Gray Lords. The Gray Lords want Aiden back and he's scared. Mercy already promised to protect him with the pack power and causing a rife that Bran is unable to assist with.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy (amymorty) | 53 comments Mod
The Single Guy Cookboook: How to cook comfort food favorites faster, easier and cheaper than going out by Avi Shemtov

4 stars

I know I'm a girl, but the recipes in this cookbook are for 1-2 people and don't have really weird ingredients. I really enjoyed this cookbook!

message 5: by Amy (new)

Amy (amymorty) | 53 comments Mod
750 Years in Paris by Vincent Mahe

4 stars

A great graphic novel about the history of one building in France. The book is only pictures and has a timeline at the end. Very interesting!

message 6: by Noemi (new)

Noemi | 4 comments The piano teacher by Janice Y.K.Lee
It's a great book to read about a country and its war and the people who suffer and survive and go on with their lives.

message 7: by Amy (new)

Amy (amymorty) | 53 comments Mod
Hope Through Heartsongs by Mattie J. T. Stepanek

3 stars

I enjoyed his heart felt poetry. I especially liked his poem about 9-11. It really described the feelings I felt when it happened.

message 8: by Brendan (new)

Brendan (ravyns) | 20 comments Furies of Calderon

3.5 stars.

This book is typical fantasy written in the 2000's. There is a novel magic system which isn't fully explained but you have enough visual of it to get a decent feel for it. It's long and does tend to drag out a bit, especially towards the end. However, the characters are interesting and the story is decent. Definitely worth a try for a fantasy reader looking for a new series.

On that note, this series is finished and is six books long.

message 9: by Noemi (new)

Noemi | 4 comments The light keeper's wife by Sarah Anne Johnson is a good book to read if you like a little romance, a bit of action and a little secret keeping. Also if you like reading books that are set in the 1800s. I recommend this book.

message 10: by CJ (new)

CJ (crazz25) | 4 comments Almost Infamous: A Supervillain Novel

A fun take on superhero and comic book tropes. The book starts out strong but I didn't find the ending very compelling. I enjoyed the alternate history given throughout the novel. The book is strongest when it satirizes modern celebrity worship. Again, the ending let me down a bit. I would've preferred my antiheroes to remain a little more morally gray than turn into the regular hero types by the conclusion.

message 11: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Koch (wyntr_rose) | 2 comments Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury.
This is a great take on the Aladdin and the Genie story. It took me some time to get into it but once they were in the palace I had a hard time putting the book Down. I fell in Love with Zahra or curl-of-tigers-tail. The description of her and even of Aladdin himself was great. I would love for more and the book even left it open where Jessica Khoury could even write another and continue the adventure.

message 12: by Jay (new)

Jay Goemmer (tau_zero) | 19 comments Face the Music: A Life Exposed by Paul Stanley

I'm not a big fan of rock star autobiographies, because they're often full of nothing else except hype and excess. From the outside, the image portrayed by the rock band KISS seems to be exactly that. But the story that the band's frontman Paul Stanley shares in his book confirms the suspicious that Paradise isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

As Stanley unveiled “the rest of the story,” I found myself rooting for him and hoping that he'd be able to successfully get past the obstacles in his way. Stanley is brutally honest about his successes and his own shortcomings, as well as those of his bandmates, both past and present.

Without revealing any spoilers, rest assured that the protagonist manages to “make it to the end,” and overcomes the seemingly insurmountable odds facing him. Well worth the price of admission.

--Never mind that I found Stanley's story inspiring enough to write at least one song. ;) :D

message 13: by Jay (new)

Jay Goemmer (tau_zero) | 19 comments The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music, Including the Handwritten Drafts of More Than 100 Classic Beatles Songs by Hunter Davies

While Davies offers first-hand “behind the scenes” stories about how and when the featured Beatles songs were written, he fails to remain objective by intermittently inserting his personal likes and dislikes of various songs. Davies' introductory comments seem to drag on indefinitely before “getting to the good stuff,” i.e., the actual content.

Unfortunately, many of the photographed lyric sheets are either faded or the penmanship verges on illegible. I much preferred Steve Turner's A Hard Day's Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song, which is briefer, to the point, and a good deal more fun.

message 14: by Jay (new)

Jay Goemmer (tau_zero) | 19 comments A Hard Day's Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Song by Steve Turner

A fun but mercifully brief romp (in contrast to The Beatles Lyrics: The Stories Behind the Music, Including the Handwritten Drafts of More Than 100 Classic Beatles Songs by Hunter Davies). If you're a diehard Beatles fan, you probably already know most of these stories. But if you're looking for some light reading and a casual overview, this book should probably do nicely.

message 15: by Laura (new)

Laura Dutcher | 6 comments Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why

This book was chosen for me by the Color Code Contest at the Library. I was immediately hooked and haven't put it down! While the content is deeply informative, the writing style is conversational and much like sitting down to hear some crazy stories. I highly recommend it as it contains information everyone can use in their personal lives no matter what age you are!

message 16: by Brendan (new)

Brendan (ravyns) | 20 comments Westward the Tide

3 Stars

My first western (read for the genre you don't read category). The story line didn't have a lot of complexity, which was actually refreshing after the convoluted fantasy novels I generally read. It was enjoyable, except for some repetition that popped up whenever they started talking about the history of two battles.

message 17: by Brendan (last edited Jul 09, 2016 01:04PM) (new)

Brendan (ravyns) | 20 comments The Postmistress

2 Stars

When I finished this book I was left with a large "So What?" feeling. Basically, the ending didn't feel like an ending; I was disappointed in everything that had led to that point. The writing style didn't appeal to me, being too flowery (though there are many books that are worse).

message 18: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Farner-prestwich | 3 comments 5 Stars
The Last Unicorn

This was my Color Code Book and I loved it! It reminded me a lot of the movie but of course with more details... a lovely little easy read.

message 19: by Noemi (new)

Noemi | 4 comments I just finished reading like water for chocolate. I have not seen the movie. The book brought a lot of memories growing up. I have gone to Pierdas Negras and eagle pass. My own family would get together and cook a big meal for the holiday's and special occasions so I can relate to this book. The author did a very good job showing the traditional meals and show a bit of the Hispanic culture.

message 20: by Trina (new)

Trina | 11 comments Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson
4 stars

Part of me kept saying, "But, that's not how brain injuries work." But, I told that part of myself to shut the heck up because it was such a good story. Intense, heart-breaking, terrifying. I devoured it in a day and kept thinking about it for days afterward.

message 21: by Erica (last edited Jul 29, 2016 08:39AM) (new)

Erica Littlefield | 29 comments Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut: 4 stars

I'd never read this book before, and I'm sorry I waited so long! What a haunting, powerful story. Vonnegut uses simple but evocative language to create incredibly moving scenes. The scene where Billy watches the war movie in reverse will stick with me for a long time. I want to buy my own copy of this book and reread it so I can highlight my favorite passages.

message 22: by Erica (new)

Erica Littlefield | 29 comments Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Maunel Miranda-- 5 stars

My friends and family know that I am obsessed with the musical Hamilton. Who knows if I will get to see it on stage, but reading this book (and listening to the cast recording) comes in a close second. The overall presentation of the book and the photographs are stunning. The behind the scenes anecdotes and information on how the production came together was fascinating. I'm not sure if reading this book cured my Hamilton fever, or made it worse. ;-)

message 23: by Erica (new)

Erica Littlefield | 29 comments Grace and Style by Grace Helbig-- 3 stars

I really enjoy Grace Helbig's YouTube videos and I loved her first book, but this one was just OK for me... She definitely injected her trademark silliness and humor in the book. For example, there's a series of diary entries from the perspective of a pair of sweatpants. However, for a book that is supposed to be a style guide, I felt like it was short on actual style advice.

message 24: by Erica (new)

Erica Littlefield | 29 comments Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (audiobook) -- 5 stars

I loved, loved, loved this one. The audiobook has a different narrator for each character, which keeps things interesting. I thought each of the narrators were perfect for their characters. The plot was twisty and turny and kept me guessing. It's a fantasy book set in the fictional world of Ketterdam. A master thief named Kaz recruits 5 others to help him pull off the ultimate heist. (I heard someone else liken the plot of this book to the movie Ocean's Eleven, and I definitely see the similarities.) ;-) The sequel comes out in September, and I can't wait to see what happens next for Kaz and his motley crew.

message 25: by Brendan (new)

Brendan (ravyns) | 20 comments Beyond the Horizon by Eugene O'Neill

4 stars

A simple play about how life choices can affect other people and lead to a much different outcome than we expect. O'Neill spares no detail in the stage directions, setting descriptions, or costume details. It was easy to see the action as it might take place on the stage.

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