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message 1: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine | 7 comments In the Past, society allowed diversity to grow; inter-mingling with different races and abilities was allowed. but then something changed.

A hundred years ago, the world became divided by wall built to "protect" society; dividing people based on their race and physical abilities. To "shield" us, they said, from the dangerous of the past. To keep us ignorant, is what our leader says.

Will you join our revolution? To bring down the walls, and become what we once were? Or will you stand with them, the APEs ( Alliance for Protection and Equality)?

message 2: by Cathrine (new)

Cathrine | 7 comments Anke raced through the underground tunnels the rebellion had been creating decades before her birth, she knew these tunnels like the back of her hand and only got lost once, when she was 5. She ran with a full backpack of medicine and supplies from the "Pure" district, a district of the wealthy upper-classes who oversee the rest of the walled-in world; they always had the better things, while the divided world was barely getting by despite their "generous" funding. Their funds barely made it past the Majority divisions.

She raced down one tunnel to the next, speeding through one district to another. She had to get these supplies to the minority division for the physically/mentally disabled and impaired, where her mother was. Once she handed off the supplies to the division rebel leader there, she'd run back to her division and report to the Tirade of the rebellion: Fallon, Meyer, and Duke. She knew she couldn't stay long, she was the fastest in her division of the rebellion, and her brothers would surly hear from the Tirade.

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