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message 1: by Drae (new)

Drae Box (draebox) | 3 comments Hi guys,

As well as being a fantasy author, I'm also a professional web hosting provider for authors. Along with supporting my fellow writers by helping them set up and host their sites, my company also provides authors with a one-on-one consult with me (on any part of being an author you need help with), a free copy of a paperback book I recommend to you after our consult (based on what we talk about), and depending on your chosen plan, a monthly consult on achieving your author goals.

As we're all fans of Goodreads, I'd like to offer each of you a three month free trial. If you don't like the service, there's no requirement to stay. Here's where you can find out more:

If this post is in the wrong place, mods, please feel free to delete.

message 2: by Kristin (new)

Kristin  Richards | 8 comments Hello my name is Kristin and I'm the author of the trilogy series Crepuscular.
If you like or love to read YA/ adventure/ fantasy novels you will love the Crepuscular trilogy. The first one Crepuscular Light In The Night came out in April 2016. My publisher and I are talking about late November or December for the second one to see the day of light and the third one will be released next year 2017

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