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The Noticer: Sometimes, All a Person Needs Is a Little Perspective
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6/14 The Noticer by Andy Andrews > June's selection is "The Noticer" by andy Andrews

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Audrey Eastover (novelpeopleofeastover) | 46 comments Mod
Andy Andrews "The Noticer" is short on pages but long on topics to discuss. Join us in rating and discussing the Novel People Of Eastover's selection for June.

Audrey Eastover (novelpeopleofeastover) | 46 comments Mod
1. Do you think it's easier for people to discuss their problems with people they don't know or even barely know? Why?

message 3: by Lynda (new)

Lynda Kuntz | 2 comments Has a lot of good advise but it's a little too simplicity. Why were the books orange covered?
Rated a three.
Missed hearing what everyone else's take on the book was.

message 4: by Desire'e (last edited May 30, 2014 10:58AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Desire'e (desiree_komaki) | 6 comments Personally I would not like to discuss my problems with people I don't know because given the way things are now in our society I can not get a solid guarantee that they won't try to turn around and use my problems for their benefit.

On the other hand ...sometimes it might be beneficial to talk to somebody who doesn't know you because then you can have a neutral voice of reason to help solve problems and provide good advice.

Delaine | 5 comments This was a wonderful quick read. I really liked this book a lot. Jones was the ultimate best friend/counselor wrapped up in one. He knew how to help each person by making them think differently. He knew when to push and when to be compassionate. He was in and out of so many peoples lives. He touched so many over the years. I believe he was sent to that town to make a difference. He is a true angel. I think so many talked to him about their deepest fears and problems was wonderful. It is human nature to open up to those we feel comfortable with. I loved his advice and his wisdom.....5 stars

Carolina Spanolla | 6 comments I loved this book! I truly believe there are people (maybe angels) walking around like Jones. They come into our lives for a reason and maybe not a season. His advice was often simplistic, but many times that is just what we need. We need an outside perspective and the easiest way to look at things that maybe we are avoiding either looking at ourselves or even admitting to ourselves.
I could easily come back to many of the pearls of wisdom in this book for moments I need reassurance.
Five stars from me.

message 7: by Audrey (last edited Aug 15, 2014 02:17PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Audrey Eastover (novelpeopleofeastover) | 46 comments Mod
This simple, yet thought provoking little book provided so much to talk about. 8 out of the 10 who attended our in person discussion, gave it a rating of 5. The final rating was 4.625.
So many quotes were spoken as members flipped from page to page to read one's they felt resonated such a deep connection to their lives.
Some of the favorites were....
"Most people think it takes a long time to change. It doesn't. Change is immediate! Instantaneous! I may take a long time to decide to change...but change happens in a heartbeat!"

"If one makes a mistake, then an apology is usually sufficient to get things back on an even keel. However-and this is a big 'however'-most people do not ever know why their apology did not seem to have any effect. It is simply that they did not make a mistake; they made a choice...and never understood the difference between the two".

"In Jones's experience, the decision to turn one's life around in a different direction rarely arrived with fireworks and marching bands. Often, the decision came with tears and regret. Then, almost impossibly, the power of forgiveness would fill an unseen void, allowing a new day's optimism and sense of purpose to take hold and point that life in a new direction."

"Despite popular belief to the contrary, there is absolutely no power in intention. The seagull may intend to fly away, may decide to do so, may talk with the other seagulls about how wonderful it is to fly, but until the seagull flaps his wings and takes to the air, he is still on the dock."

"See, the 'small stuff' is what makes up the larger picture of our lives. Many people are like you, young man. But their perspective is distorted. They ignore 'small stuff', claiming to have an eye on the bigger picture, never understanding that the bigger picture is composed of nothing more than-are you ready? 'small stuff'."

Andy Andrews did accomplish one very big thing with the 10 of us in attendance at our book discussion...he made us all wish for a Jones.

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