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Book 3

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Kelly Tharp To all who have been asking, book three is nearing completion of it's first draft. I am on chapter 22 and only have about 5 +/- chapters left (hope hope). Then cleaning up with an edit and I am trying to get ready to publish at the end of August/September 2014. That you for your support. KT

Kelly Tharp HI all. Just and update. My sanding/painting project in my room I rent to OSU students is on to gettin my new computer off the floor where it's been for a year acting as a cat stand and then FINALLY I can get back to writing. Only three chapters left and then editing. So, new time line is hopefully by Thanksgiving I can at least get a copy uploaded to Smashwords and Amazon. Editing does take more time than I like to admit, but I'm hoping my skills have improved a great deal since the first two books. So, hold on there, it's coming. Too bad I have to work a real job for a living. Thanks for reading my stuff.

Kelly Tharp UPdate . . . finally edited up to chapter 23 and actually writing on 24. Hopefully will be done in 3-4 more chapters. Also, having to spend time working on new covers to come out soon. I'm getting there folks. Thanks for your support!

Kelly Tharp Update: On chapter 24. Really beating myself on this one, very touching scenes are really hard to write. Doing tons of re-writes to keep it tight and not sticky sweet. Geez writing's hard some times. BUT... I see light at the end of the tunnel. Had to turn down a trip to Hawaii, free condo, but not enough vacation time. However, hopeing to use what little time I do have to take off a week and beat myself to get past 24 and on to the end!!! New books covers up at Amazon and Smashwords. Need to change them here to, sometime.

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