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The Maze Runner

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Adam Romeo I think this book was really intriguing and was breath taking at moments.
This book is a great twist with adventure and fighting, this really captures my attention and makes it feel like i'm in the book on the adventure with the characters.

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The other books are great as well. I just started the prequel.

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YoungEula Yes. You are right. Maze Runner is the best adventurous book which i have read. Reading this book feels like watching a movie with thrilling and fighting. Younger readers should definitely read this book.

Khadija i read till the death cure
i cant wait to read kill order
i cant believe i am reading such interesting books at the age of 13

☽❣≾KraFish≿❣☾ Anyone else remember the dog named Bark?
He was mentioned once and then never again?

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