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The Wheel of Osheim (The Red Queen's War, #3)
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Mark Lawrence > TWoO: Chapter 25 - End

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message 1: by Sky (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sky | 1291 comments Spoilers for the entire book/series

Tammy Well I think this book finished strong with some great growth in Jalan and of course the larger than life Snorri. I liked how Garyus said he would do anything for his sisters and then Jalan the same. Snorri's story through Hel was riveting.

I did get a bit lost at times between Hel and the builders stories. At time I wasn't clear about the builders motives, about a spirit versus being a data echo. In my mind I want to think that Snorri goes and finds happiness with Kara and hennaan as his son. He has love to give and deserves some happiness.

Suzanne | 1582 comments Ack I finished this and forgot to post.

I agree that it ended strongly - the changes in Jalan made sense given what he's gone through - and his basic character was still the same :)

I liked Snorri's story through Hel too - I especially liked that he saw his son and his friend as well as his family. I'd like to think the same about how he continues on - he'd be a good influence on Hennan.

I also have to give a special shout out to the "fight" in Hel, where Jalan keeps imagining things to save them. All the naked female mannequins was a priceless picture!! "Uh...couldn't you imagine a dragon?" I enjoyed that scene.

Tammy Oh yeah I forgot about the naked mannequins, that was so Jalan. Loved that Snorri fought beside Karl and Tuttugu, that was really nice.

Suzanne | 1582 comments Yes it was!

I was thinking today that in LOTS of classic fantasy you have the epic hero - strong courageous, has something horrible happen to himself or his family and has a quest of love. And you have the sidekick character who is funny and unprincipled. This had the same thing, only the comedic sidekick was the main character, and the "hero" was the sidekick. Does that make sense?

Tammy Yes good point their roles were backwards, but it really worked.

Bill | 1596 comments I loved the ending with Jal back where he started the story in Lisa's bed and come on Cardinal Jal. So ridiculous. Like Tammy I got a bit lost with all the builder stuff. I did this in audio and think I might have been distracted or missed a few things.

I was so happy with Snorri's journey through Hel and how it ended for him. I missed Tuttugu in this book. He was such a great loyal friend and always added a little comedy.

Really intrigued to see what he does with his next series in a new world.

message 8: by Sky (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sky | 1291 comments Great ending! I really liked the world this took place in, with the broken technology, the twisted religion, folklore, and history. I agree with Bill, it was great to see the series end where it started :)

I found myself a little bored with Snorri earlier in the book - he got a little one dimensional for a while, but loved him again in the last section.

I thought this was a really interesting way to right another trilogy in a world where the first trilogy already told the story from begin to end. It was great when events and characters from the first series intersected with events and characters in the second trilogy. It's a cool format, I'd like to see it done more in the future.

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