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message 1: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments I think He for She could do great things on college campuses. Here in America, the Greek system (fraternities and sororities) are still big promoters and organizers of campus events. If they got together to host events educating people on He for She and giving actionable advice on how to be a male feminist, that would really help push He for She.

message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 265 comments to tell you the truth, over the years, as i watched the equal rights amendment (u.s.) go down the toilet because women, themselves, didn't want equality, i don't see much hope for a bona fide movement until more women actually want to feel equal. i've gotten quite cynical about this. the women's movement started out strongly, the philosophy of feminism was advanced and adopted by many, but, in the end, when it came time for legislation, conservative women voted against equality in much greater numbers. it's said that the women's movement underestimated the determination of the conservative right, whose campaigns were aggressively put forth. how can we expect men to jump on this bandwagon in any great numbers if women aren't willing to do so?

pardon my skepticism here. i was able to vote for the equal rights amendment when it was put on the ballots, and i watched as it went down in flames. i was both disappointed and furious! no equal rights amendment has ever been up to be voted upon again.

i would love to see students on campus take up this cause. it may make a difference now, i don't know. it was a bathroom issue then, and there are new bathroom issues now - who is allowed to use which bathroom, all the fear tactics. that's what defeated the amendment in the past. unfortunately, i'm not on campus anymore, but i'd certainly support anyone who took up this banner once again. and, hopefully, with different results!

message 3: by Jillian (new)

Jillian | 26 comments I am so so so glad this question came up. I am in Germany currently and so eager to found a HeforShe club on campus or just with people living close. I am asking myself the very same question actually. What can we actively do? How can we make an actual movement for everyone. Sure, educating people, spreading awareness, discussing the matter - that's all very necessary. But I'd like to do more than just talking to people and suggesting a new mindset. I'd love to see college groups stand up for things that actually affect our lives and make an actual change for the better immediately. I personally would for instance consider doing some research on how people on campus feel gender bias is restricting them the most, in which situations or aspects they see the most need for an immediate change and then come up with a concrete plan for how to achieve an improvement.
But yes, as Adam said, I'd be so happy to hear any kind of ideas for how to actually make a move and as a matter of fact I have heard that question repeatedly from everywhere. "What happens after we have signed the commitment?"

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