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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Zama (jazzfeathers) | 13 comments I'm researching a new project. It will be set in Europe in 1920s (the first stories will probably be set in the Weimar Republic) and I'd need some help in my research, if anyone can give it.

I'm still trying to pin down who my MC is. I know she's a young woman, Italian but travelling a lot throughout Europe.
I'd like her to be a folklorist (because I'd like her to be very much into European history and myths) so I'm looking for resources about the job of folklorist in this time. But I'm willing to go as far back as the Grimm Brothers.

I'm also interested in the position on women inside the university. I'd like my MC to be university educated and possibly work with a museum, probably in Britan, since she went to the university in London.
I suspect she would never find a job up to her qualifications, but would she still be able to work inside that environment?

Any suggestion is welcome, since in this moment I don't really know where to turn....

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Zama (jazzfeathers) | 13 comments Hi Lyn, thanks for answering. Actually, I don't like doing my research on Wikipedia, but I think I will search goodle, preferibly for PDF. I've learned with my other project (America in the 1920s) that the internet is good for finding specific resources (thought it takes a ton of time to week through the not so intersting ones), but books are a lot better and give you a more solid understanding of the matter.
Can't wait to receive my first books about the matter from the bookshop :-)

your books sound very intersting. I think I'll check them out :-)

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