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Simon & Schuster Canada (simonandschusterca) | 22 comments Mod
We hope you can join us for our read-a-long!

Shonna (macfsh) | 8 comments This has been on my To-Read list for a while but I don't have a copy of it yet. I didn't realise it is coming out as a movie. Definitely must read before the movie. I love the idea of a Read-Along. I'm in!

message 3: by Heather (new)

Heather | 1 comments I started reading this & didn't get a chance to finish before it needed to be returned to the library. Looking forward to finishing it as part of the read-a-long

Danica T (d4nic4) Can't wait to participate in this read-a-long!

Brenda | 1 comments I did read the book last year and would love to join in the discussion. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie as well.

Chrystal (chrystalm) So excited to read this. It's been in my TBR pile for some time, so now I'll be sure to read it before the movie. And a read-a-long is perfect as I'll have a newborn in a few days and this will allow me to read a little each week and not feel like I can't get through the book. Cheers!

Simon & Schuster Canada (simonandschusterca) | 22 comments Mod
We're so happy to hear how excited you all are about the read-a-long!

For those of you already with a book, no peeking! We'll be kicking off the read-a-long shortly.

For those of you without a book, enter our Goodreads giveaway here for a chance to win a copy:
But hurry, the giveaway ends June 22nd!

message 8: by Ainy (new) - added it

Ainy K | 5 comments My first ever read-a-long, I have not read this book before so I am very excited , can't wait to start :)

message 9: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Kirkwood (Levac) (genuinejenn) so excited to be part of this read along!

message 10: by Martina (new) - added it

Martina (fleurdemar) | 3 comments I'm really excited about this. It will be my first read-a-long!

message 11: by BooksAmL (new)

BooksAmL | 1 comments I can not wait to participate to this read-a-long even if i do not own this book i will go to the library to get it

ebookclassics | 6 comments This book has been on my list for ages, so very excited to be joining the read-along. I also love adaptations and look forward to seeing the movie. I'm a big fan of both Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander.

message 13: by Krystal (new) - added it

Krystal (krystal_osmond) | 10 comments I can't wait!! This looks like such an interesting read, and I'm really looking forward to it.

message 14: by Louisa (new)

Louisa (louisa-livinglou) | 3 comments Looking forward to starting this read-a-long! Had this book on my list forever!

message 15: by Tracey (new) - added it

Tracey | 4 comments Loving the book so far. Enjoyed reading about the beginning of their love story.

Simon & Schuster Canada (simonandschusterca) | 22 comments Mod
We are loving all of your enthusiasm! I'm sure some of you have dipped into the first couple chapters so far.

The discussion of the preface to chapter 5 kicks off this Friday. Be sure to check back and share your first impressions and thoughts on these early chapters with the rest of the group.

Can't wait!

Simon & Schuster Canada (simonandschusterca) | 22 comments Mod
Also, in case you've missed it, the new media tie-in cover has been released for the book.

It's gorgeous - check it out, I've uploaded it in the group images!

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