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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 300 comments Mod

Please read and sign the rules below. Until the rules are signed, you cannot begin the roleplay. Thanks xx

1. No Cyberbullying - You will be kind to your fellow Roleplayers. You will respect them, you will not say words of hatred to them outside of roleplaying. We will not tolerate cyberbullying of any kind whatsoever.

2. No Sex - You can get romantic with your characters, you can get pretty far into the roleplay, but if it gets too far, go to PM or fade out. This is a basic Goodreads rule and we will be following it.

3. Swearing - Swearing is perfectly acceptable in Roleplay. In normal chat, you can swear but no swearing at another member, which counts as cyber bullying, as read above.

4. Stick to third person - When roleplaying, roleplay with third person. Examples: She, He, They, Them. No I, myself, or me unless they are speaking about themselves. First person will not be allowed, and if seen, you will be asked to change your posts to third. If not changed, they will be deleted.

5. Keep it Detailed - When roleplaying, be detailed. Be descriptive, it makes everyone happy! Keep your posts at five lines or more, even if it takes longer. It keeps it interesting and good. Otherwise, rping is boring. This is a semi-advanced roleplay. If you are nervous about this, please feel free to contact a moderator and we'll chat!

6. No Powerplaying or Godmodding - No forcing your characters to win, no saying they are the best or better than others (unless this is your character's opinion.). No one likes a power player. Now this being said, there is a different level of power in this roleplay, not everyone can be the very best there is. Everyone must have weaknesses. Mods also may not pull any godmodding ideas. We will make our decisions together, and if it comes down to it, we will take a vote.

7. No Mary Sues - Don't make your character perfect. Flaws and Fears are normal, they will be included in the template. Make unique characters. Make bitchy characters, shy characters, power hungry characters, wild characters. The rp will be better for it. This goes hand-in-hand with rule number 6.

8.. Equality - This is a multi-gendered rp. Which means you can't just make girls or just make guys. Please try making some of both. For every two girls you make, make a guy, if you lean towards rping girls. If you lean towards guys, then for every two guys you make, make a girl. Also remember that all sexualities are welcome in roleplay here. This also being said, no bullying of someone based on their race, gender, or sexuality will be tolerated here.

9. Activity - If you have not posted in a week or more, you will be messaged by a mod. If you have not posted after that message in three more weeks, a month in all, your claims will be removed and any canon characters given away to those who want them.

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Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 300 comments Mod

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