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Anyone else hate Peeta's character in this book?

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Hannah Foster I hate how Collin's wrote about Peeta becoming "hijacked."

Really? Is that the best you could come up with for such an interesting character?
Peeta is a beautiful character who falls back on spreading peace and his love for Katniss and Collin's completely demolished that reputation in the 3rd book.

I'm just thinking, she could have chose so many different scenarios. Why erasing his memory to loathe Katniss?

So annoying.

Anyone else get what I'm sayin'?

message 2: by Kim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kim Stafford Yeah. Also, I hate how he's so useless in Catching Fire. Just getting shocked and almost drowning (which they covered up in the movie, thank god). He just seems like the damsel in the situation and it's totally unbecoming of his beautiful but strong character. I get that he never learned to swim like Katniss but, really, come on.

Falen i love his character in the book. we see the 'real' 'hard' side of peeta. It was the side katniss and everyone else needed to see.

Kelly Brigid ♡ Actually...I didn't even like Peeta really until reading this book xD I thought it was pretty cool. Sorry, but I thought it made the book interesting and gave it a cool twist...also Peeta was much cooler, JUST saying :)

Izzy Peeta was faced with tough time and it's not his fault he got hijacked. I loved him and how near the ending he would try to fight it and in the end he ended up loving Katniss even through the poison and tough times. I love Peeta for that.

Belle ~carry on my wayward son~ i honestly always liked gale better than peeta. i mean, i dont dislike peeta, i just never loved him. (not trying to offend anybody, i know there are a lot of people who love him :))

Pamela Falen wrote: "i love his character in the book. we see the 'real' 'hard' side of peeta. It was the side katniss and everyone else needed to see."

Totally agree.

Jackie Part of the 'fun' in the love triangle of Gale, Peeta & Katniss is that Gale & Peeta are such polar opposites. Personally I favor Gale over Peeta. Its been a while since I read The Hunger Games, I think its time for me to do a refresher of the last book.

Kaarah peta's character in the book is amazingly written, how he was devotedly in love with Katniss even though Katniss was confused about what was real and fake about their love.

Hannah Foster I wish I felt the way you guys did about Peeta's character. But I was infuriated and bummed our 3/4ths through the book. The fact that he was "hijacked" instead of being a more useful character just seems like a waste of pages, I feel like there were a few soft spots in the books that could have been better written or--better say, planned out

Vansh Arora Yeah peta's character could have easily been replaced by Gale's, and that would have resulted in not only a much less complicated love life for katniss but also we all would have been doing something important with our lives than having this pointless conversation.
Peta sucks! XD XD XD

message 12: by Aria (new)

Aria Love Peeta is "a short, boring, one-dimensional, worthless blond guy".

AbigailDenyse01 i hate peeta and loved gale. ot is just my opinion

Artsygal402 In the beginning I favored gale, but really, it makes sense that she picked peeta at the end. It is perfectly explained. Gale has too much fire in him, where as peeta is a "dandelion in the spring", reminding katniss that there is good in the world. The only thing I didnt like about the book was the fact that it seemed that gale and katniss's friendship was lost forever at the end, which I hated, cause gale was such an awesome friend.

Hannah Foster Don't get me wrong, i'm team Peeta 100%. But I'm just annoyed with how they used his character in the last book...

And yeah, the ending does feel rushed

Victoria The end is too rushed and me being a Peeta 100% fan I am very very upset.

ʟ ᴀ ᴜ ʀ ᴀ MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I prefered Gale much better for some reason, I don't really know why. I thought Peeta was even worse in the movie than the book, but I didn't like him in either. Just my opinion.

message 18: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Ya idk i get the point of the hijacking meant that he failed at remaining himself but I feel like Suzanne was trying to do some Freudian thing or at least that’s how people took it. Idk my feeling was that it was mistrust not anger/resentment. But it was weird. I wish that we got more of his views on the war especially considering that he is supposed to act as a moral guide.

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Ashley But ya for someone saying he’s useless in catching fire I thought Suzanne Collins could make the point and still have him swim. Also anyone saying that he’s so weak he killed Mags and the district 6 morphling. Then you have to also say that everyone that died in mockingjay as they are hunting down snow died for Katniss. Collins doesn’t discriminate with gender. They are both 17 year old kids. One hit a fricken force field and died.

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