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Anonymous | 2 comments The book starts off about two friends from England in around the 1950s maybe. They just finished high school (or English equivalent) and one friend convinces the other to join the merchant marines or something. They end up deserting and go back home and answer a newspaper ad and go to an interview in London, I think. From the interview they end up joining an African Mercenary group under Mike Hoare. They do well and become officers but end up getting sent back home when Mike Hoare finds out they are underage or something. Then they join the British Army, specifically they mean to join the Royal Marines but get drunk and end up joining the Royal Green Jacket Rifleman or something. I know one of them ends up joining the Special Air Servie, SAS, while the other leaves the army and goes back to being a mercenary.

I remember reading the preview for this book a year ago on google books. I have not read the whole book but I think it is pretty short. It may also have been on amazon.

The author also had a website where he wrote some stuff about living life to the fullest, not taking drugs but rather enjoying real adventures. The website had a picture of a smoking revolver and the author said something along the lines of the only thing that should be smoking is your gun and not cigarettes. On his site he said that he wrote the book for a young boy he is close to who is going through his own adventure. In response to the query of whether the book is true, the author also said that it was up to the reader to decide but that he was one of the friends from the book. Also, I want to say that the author's name or one of the characters names was David Stubbs or the last name was Stubbs maybe.

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Anonymous | 2 comments The book is called:
I Sought Adventure But It Found Me

I think I shelved it but may have done so incorrectly. I also put it in adult fiction - solved but it might be nonfiction or a mix or something.

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