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Anastasia Zaloga (anastasiazaloga) | 1 comments Anastasia Zaloga

* Title: How to Love Yourself. 50 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem
* Author(s) name(s): Anastasia Zaloga
* ISBN (or ASIN): B01EEDW42K
* Publisher: Anastasia Zaloga
* Publication date: April 16, 2016
* Format: eBook
* Description:
This book is for you if:

- You berate and criticize yourself, you are not happy with yourself and things that you do;
- You experience a severe shortage of love, it seems to you that no one does and no one will ever love you;
- You blame yourself for past mistakes and can't forgive yourself for making those mistakes;
- You don't like your reflection in a mirror, you don't consider yourself attractive;
- Being in a relationship you are likely to tolerate unfaithfulness, emotional and even physical abuse;
- You don't like your job and you make less than your work is worth;
- People around you treat you a lot worse than you deserve;
- You think that you don't have any remarkable achievements and there is nothing you can be proud of.

If at least 2 statements above are about you, this book is going to be useful for you. This book encompasses 5 years of successful experience working to help people. The main request of those people was "I want to start loving myself! Help me!"

The book "How to love yourself. 50 ways to improve self-esteem" will:

- Give you 50 verified ways to raise your self-esteem and your level of self-love;
- Show the way out of a long-lasting depression, you will stop being your enemy #1;
- Help you to forget about guilt, you will forgive yourself for past mistakes;
- Let you realize how valuable and unique you are; will help you fall in love with yourself;
- Inspire you to fulfil your potential without you being afraid of other people criticizing you;
- Teach you to stay friends with yourself even during times of distress;
- Transform your relationships: people close to you people will start treating you with more love, care and respect;
- Urge you to change the job that you don't like and find something different that you will enjoy;
- Present a step-by-step plan of how to change your attitude toward yourself - from hatred to love in 30 days.

Buy this book now while the price is low and in 30 days your life will change unbelievably.

* Page count: 91 pages
* Link to cover:

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