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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. book where girl is an actress and hires a bodyguard who turns out to be a vampire [s]

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Subiksha | 4 comments i read a book in 2012.....i totally frgt the title of the book but i do kinda remember the synopsis of it....the book is a paranormal romance one....the synopsis is that the main character is an actress...she is shooting for a tv series.....she has a morning- evening bodyguard but one night after a late night shoot she gets attacked and her manager tells her to hire a night bodyguard for her safety....with the help of her morning bodyguard interviews few of them and at the end of interview session she doesn't like any of the candidates but suddenly a new guy comes asking for the bodyguard position....they do a background check and hire him....few days later she invites him for thanksgiving and they have a romantic connection.....n one day the bodyguard is hunted by some people....the bodyguard takes the girl to some safe house.....thn i dnt remember some of the story but the girl finds out that the bodyguard is a vampire...but at the end.....the girl(actress) comes to know tht the people chasing the bodyguard are vampire hunters and the actress is also a vampire hunter(she has hunter blood) and she is sort of powerful.

i guess there are totally 3 books in this series....please help me figure out the title and author of the book

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Subiksha | 4 comments this is the book......thankk u sooo much anna:D

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