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message 1: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 273 comments as a woman who is nearing 70, you can bet your boots that my perspective on the world has changed many, many times as i've gotten older. what was important to me at 20, changed drastically at 30 when i had children. as they grew, my time for me became broader, and i returned to college in my 40's. focusing on a new career brought more changes, and in my 50's i left it all behind and moved to another country. so many experiences, so many adventures, all with equal merit, but with a different focus. i'd hate to not have grown as a person, as a woman, and as a human being during all these years. what a drag! and, how boring!

mohammed ali - one of my all time favorite sports figures. a man who brought color and charisma to the boxing world, a man of integrity, who stood up and suffered the consequences for what he believed, and a man who infused his sport with that extra intangible something that raised it to greater heights while he was involved. i miss his presence in the world. i only wish he would've included all people in his statement! men also waste their lives if they stay the same through time.

message 2: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments I love the original version of this quote, and your change, Adam. :)

My husband and I have been discussing Mohammed Ali's passing and how we can't fathom an athlete like him making it today. Muslim. Black. Cocky and loud mouthed...he would be villified. I'm glad he lived and said the things he did. He added a little something to the world with his life.

message 3: by Apoorva (new)

Apoorva Bhatnagar | 22 comments I agree Sherrie. Mohhamad Ali was indeed a great teacher and will remain in memories of people as lively as his quotes..

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