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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance where heroine is a physical therapist and hero is her patient [s]

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I believe this was an erotic romance. Read it about a year or so ago, but the book is probably a little older.

The heroine in the book is blonde and a physical therapist. I remember that the heroine had to be convinced (by her dad or grandpa or someone like that) to take the hero in as her patient. The hero was an athlete and got injured but I can't remember what sport he played. Hockey or baseball maybe? He was flown out to her house where he stayed with her through his recovery. It was really cold where they were. When they first met in the airport, the hero was really gruff with the heroine and didn't want any help from her...

Sorry that's all I remember for now :(

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Alex | 245 comments Not the book ur looking for but still a good read and along the same plot Seducing Cinderella

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Spockles | 199 comments Maybe For Everly?

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Spockles wrote: "Maybe For Everly?"

Hmm... thanks but I don't think that's the one. Really close though

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I found it! It's called Win by Submission! Thanks for your help :) I think I'll read the other 2 books above too lol

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