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Stephanie - Books Less Travelled (bookslesstravelled) I am slowly starting to connect with authors, and have joined a book tour site. I currently have one author interested in touring my blog. Here is what she offered:

Interviews author and character (any format you like)
writing articles for the blog (How I self-published for free, marketing on a budget, ect)
Behind the scene exclusives

Since in still new at this, I wanted to see what more experienced bloggers thing, and how they use book tours to help both the author and the blogger?

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Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 30 comments I am yet to do a blog tour but I recently had an author blogger friend host a cover reveal party for me. Without knowing the full stats of her blog in general, I know that there was engagement on her blog post, so the benefit was getting new blog visits from the referrals I sent her way.

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K E N C H I R E A D S (kenchireads) | 49 comments I'm not much of an experienced blogger. but I've been blogging for a couple of weeks. still haven't got any blog tours but here's my blog hope you follow it and check it out I follow back. thank you. here's my blog

Stephanie - Books Less Travelled (bookslesstravelled) Thank you both for your comments, and I would be happy to follow you :)
You both have such pretty blogs! So fancy ^^

Here's my blog:

If any of you are interested in contacting a few authors and getting into blog tours, I could give you a site I found :3

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K E N C H I R E A D S (kenchireads) | 49 comments thank you. I appreciate your compliment. you have a pretty blog as well. I'd want .y blog to have that many book reviews soon. good luck with your blog and let us follow each others blog. OK? haha

Stephanie - Books Less Travelled (bookslesstravelled) Sounds good, and thank you :)
Best of luck with your blog as well!

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