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message 1: by Fishface (new)

Fishface | 11670 comments ...I am working on beefing up the bookshelf here and racking my brain to find books to add to the "Basis of a Movie" shelf. If there is a book already on the TC shelf that was made into a movie and I didn't put it on that shelf, feel free to correct it.

To correct it, go to the bookshelf link on the upper right of the TC group's page, and search for the book using the search box at the upper left of the TC book list.

If it's not on the TC bookshelf at all, you can easily add it by clicking on the button next to the title that says "ADD TO GROUP." If it is already on there, you'll know because the title of the book and the image of the book jacket will be blurred, and instead of saying "ADD TO GROUP" the button on its R will say "EDIT."

Whether you ADD it to the bookshelf as a new book, or EDIT an existing book on the shelf, a little screen will pop up that includes green link that says "CHOOSE SHELVES." Click on that link and all the shelves I've already added will come up, including "Basis of a Movie." Click on them to choose them or (BEFORE choosing any other shelf) add a new shelf which you can type into the text box at the bottom of that list of my shelves; it's clearly marked NEW SHELF.

Important and very irritating note: If you create a new shelf for a book to sit on at Goodreads, and the book is already on another shelf, you need to add it to the new shelf and then go back and re-add the book to all the other shelves it belongs on; for some crazy reason, it erases all the other shelves it's added to.

Another important and very irritating note: When you create a new shelf for a book to sit on, the book will not automatically go to that shelf. You have to create the shelf, search for it on the alphabetical list, and click on it to add the book you are editing to that shelf.

I know, that's what I said, too!

message 2: by Lady ♥ Belleza, Gif Princesa (new)

Lady ♥ Belleza (bella_foxx) | 3331 comments Mod

message 3: by Fishface (new)

Fishface | 11670 comments I agree Bel!

I added another category called simply Child Murders.

message 4: by Fishface (new)

Fishface | 11670 comments OK, this is groovy. It appears that books will disappear off a group shelf if you ask the librarians to combine duplicate copies.

message 5: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1260 comments Oops.

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