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Laurie I agree! Stephen Kings brings everything together with the third book. He has written an outstanding trilogy!

David Schwinghammer I like him better when he tones things down as he did in the first two books of the trilogy. The doctor's pills and the hypnosis were enough for Brady to do what he was doing. He didn't have to inhabit the bodies of the doctor and Library Al.

Alexxandria He fell back into his supernatural niche with the last book which was amazing as always. But i did love the "real" villains of the first two books.

Soul longings I finished the trilogy today, Brady Hartsfield has been one of the most interesting , intelligent and powerful villians i ever came across, he was in my dreams whole night, i was spooked that's the influence this book had on me .
the inhabiting of bodies was taking things a bit far but i enjoyed every bit and felt sad for bill

Jen from Quebec :0) I adored this trilogy! At first, I found it hard to 'get into' "Mr.Mercedes" but now it just might be my favorite of the 3!

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Jim Swike I agree. I thought this was an excellent trilogy and the third book was a very good conclusion to the story.

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