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Samantha Glasser | 424 comments Mod
June/July's read is about the Hollywood involvement in the HUAC hearings, specifically through the eyes of director Edward Dmytryk.

How do you feel about America's fear of communism and/or other political ideologies? Do you think a Red Scare could happen again?
What do you hope to learn about from this book?
Which of Dmytryk's films are your favorite?

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Jules (daisysgirl) | 65 comments Samantha - I am really peeved off at the moment. I bought this book in May as I had really wanted to read it and it was on your vote list. Remember seeing it in my spare bedroom . . . . and have not seen it since. I have obviously put it away somewhere very safe so I would not lose it ! If I ever find it again will let you know :(

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Samantha Glasser | 424 comments Mod
I watched Trumbo this weekend and thought of this book. They only mention Dmytryk once but it is interesting to think about the fact that the accused behind the scenes in Hollywood had a better chance of continuing to work than actors like Edward G. Robinson did. Dmytryk would still have been visable to the people he worked with, but like Fatty Arbuckle post trial, he could use a pseudonym (Will B. Goode) and gone right on directing if the studio was willing to take the chance.

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