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Interested in Participating in Research Study About Non-Mainstream Romance Novels and/or Non-Traditional Publishing?

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message 1: by Smoody7 (new)

Smoody7 | 1 comments Hello,

My name is Stephanie Moody and I am an avid romance reader and an assistant professor in the program of Literacy, Rhetoric, and Social Practice at Kent State University.

I am conducting a study about the literacy practices of romance readers, romance authors, and employees of the romance fiction industry. I am looking for volunteers (age 18 and over) who would be interested in participating.

So much has already been written about mainstream popular romance novels (i.e. Harlequin romance novels, heterosexual characters, and romance novels available for purchase in bookstores and supermarkets). While I’d be happy to talk about these novels, I am especially interested in speaking with individuals who read, write, or otherwise work with non-mainstream romance novels and/or non-traditional publishing venues.

Romance readers will be asked to complete a very brief online survey as well as two, one-on-one interviews (in person, via Skype, or by phone). Each interview will last approximately one hour.

Romance authors and employees of the romance fiction industry (editors, agents, marketing specialists, etc.) will be asked to complete a very brief online survey as well as a single, one-on-one interview (in person, via Skype, or by phone). The interview will last 1-2 hours.

You will be compensated with a $25 Amazon gift card for your time.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at

This study has been approved by Kent State University.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

Stephanie Moody
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Kent State University

message 2: by Jay (new)

Jay Naen (Jay214) | 5 comments Hello Stephanie,

This sounds like it would be fun to do. I would be a reader and not a writer so, if you still need some to participate, please let me know.


message 3: by E.G. (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) Stephanie,

Sounds interesting. Will you make the results available? I read and write romance and I would be happy to participate.


message 4: by Lou (new)

Lou Harper | 32 comments Stephanie, you should post this in the M/M Romance group.

message 5: by Senta (new)

Senta Holland (sentaholland) | 1 comments Although published by HarperCollins Mischief, my book is very non-mainstream within the genre and was rejected for that reason many times (not romance! but also not mainstream). It was published in 2013 and downloaded thousands of times, however and is now regarded as a success. Reviews were very polarised. I would love to participate in more research and writing about romance writing and publishing and ways it can be changed. lt
I would also be interested in reading the results when you publish them. Please feel free to pm me on goodreads

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