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Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)
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Adult Fiction > How would you respond to Lou's situation?

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Rebecca Hawkins-Lee (beccainabook) | 102 comments Mod
I am just in awe of this book and want people to discuss it with me!

Elisabetta (sirwatshon) | 26 comments Such a hard question omg! I really don't know, I can't even imagine being in a situation like that: only reading about it made my chest tighten. Lou is such a strong and bright character, I really loved her. I don't think I would've stayed after I knew what Will had intention to do, honestly... God, Will, I'm not over him :'( I just have so many issues with the way his character was treated, even though I get the author made a brave choice by treating such a difficult and controversial theme, I can't get out of my head the fact that it could come off as ableist, you know... It might be only an impression I had, though.

Jennifer (genoveffa) | 48 comments I think that I would probably have taken the coward's way out and returned to the chicken factory. I honestly don't think I would have the strength of character to do what she did and to have stayed with Will before and after she knew his intentions.

The writing was great and I found the character development was interesting. Not sure about Lou's relationship with her sister and how it did a kind of about face. Maybe it's that Treena was painted as a person who was kind of like an evil (step) sister but I never really thought of her that way in her dealings with Lou. And again, that's probably clever on the part of Moyes to treat her that way. If you have a kid and there are two of you in a room, then you probably should have the bigger room in the house. Although not if you move out....

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