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message 1: by Anna (last edited Jun 02, 2016 09:34AM) (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Greetings Space Opera Fans!

Don't let the swirly-girly book cover fool you, this is a space opera retelling of the tale of snow white, only instead of stitching ball gowns with singing birds, this young adult heroine builds killer robots out of space junk on a distant ice world while wars wage about a missing interstellar princess.

A self-rescuing princess? Your Borg Queen approves ... this one will trick teenage girls into reading science fiction! Ha-hah!!!

Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis R.C. Lewis

Essie is the only female living in mining settlement Forty-Two and earns her keep by "stitching" or repairing junk-tech for the local miners. She is an unwelcome presence, despite her much-needed expertise, and leads a precarious and solitary existence. When a shuttle crashes, leaving a stranger named Dane without a functional ship, Essie begrudgingly agrees to help him.

This is a superb sci-fi retelling of "Snow White." Lewis does a marvelous job of slowly revealing the backstory of Essie's royal childhood, her incestuous relationship with the king, and the mystery surrounding her real mother. Inventive nods to the original fairy tale, such as the seven droids Essie built and the death scene of the evil queen, are expertly done.

--School Library Journal

ARE YOU READING STITCHING SNOW? Shout it out in the discussion thread below, find some book buddies to read along with you, and discuss your thoughts as you read through the book. Just remember to be kind and use the spoiler html so you don't ruin the fun for somebody who isn't as far along.

Be epic!

Anna Erishkigal
SOF Borg Queen

message 2: by Al (new)

Al Philipson (printersdevil) | 18 comments Spoiler alert for the description?????

message 3: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) That -is- the description. But yeah ... I just truncated the bit out of the middle. I just hope people don't think this is romance, 'cause it ain't.

message 4: by Al (new)

Al Philipson (printersdevil) | 18 comments I checked out the Amazon description and the spoiler info isn't there.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) At the bottom. I used the Library Journal book description because I thought it summarized it better.

message 6: by Amelia (new) - added it

Amelia (ameliabaldwin) | 41 comments Hooray! Another female authored sci-fi book that sounds interesting and that I hadn't heard of before. Thanks! I'm loading up the Kindle for this coming week's road trip.

Mary Catelli | 99 comments I was able to count the dwarves robots only at the very end. Yup, seven.

message 8: by Anna (new)

Anna Erishkigal (annaerishkigal) Bummer :-( I always have great hope for YA space opera, but it seems the moment you say YA some people think that means 'protagonist with no personality like Kristen Stewart in Twilight.'

message 9: by Teresa, Plan B is in Effect (new)

Teresa Carrigan | 2312 comments Mod
I gave up on this one too.

Nadia Mcgowan | 1 comments I have enjoyed the book. It's a bit superficial, but the action makes up for it from a YA point of view. Then again, I read it to make sure it was ok for my 12 year old niece, and I might have to skip it given some plot elements...

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