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message 1: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 62 comments 'BE FIRST OR BE DEAD' is just released on Amazon:

Michael, the Oligarch, has dealt with most of his enemies in his own harsh way, and with the help of an unexpected and mysterious ally, fulfilled his long-coveted ambition of topping Forbes billionaires list. Rich, still young and victorious, Michael knows how to indulge in all the pleasures this world can offer.
However, those who have helped him have their own plans, where Michael's and his country's role is very different from his expectations. Soon enough, he finds out that those who really dominate the global economy rule illicitly and stay away from public eye. He needs to confront the ancient cabal in order to survive and to save his country...
Be prepared for a transgressive, radical, uncompromising, grotesque, action-packed and philosophical read.
Not for weak hearts and tender souls!

message 2: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" (alkalar) | 280 comments I just posted a review of this book (I snagged an ARC). It's worth your time if you like exciting thrillers.

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