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message 1: by John (new)

John Seymour 5. Consider the type of work that Mildred does, the church activities as well as her job with the impoverished gentlewomen’s group. Do these still exist as common occupations in the place that you come from? Who is involved in them? Are there new volunteer or religious or NGO positions that have replaced the former charity and part-time work of “excellent women”?

Book Wormy | 1820 comments Mod
Where I come from there is not really a church community anymore instead I would say the Excellent women would now be involved in volunteering at charity shops.

Anna Fennell | 107 comments I guess it would be a form of social work here.

Kristel (kristelh) | 3831 comments Mod
I think there are parish nurses and lay people in churches that still do the work that Mildred does. Also public health nurses and social workers. Oh and churches have serving committees that women members are assigned too.

message 5: by Pip (new) - rated it 4 stars

Pip | 1308 comments I love the answer about volunteering in charity shops, it is so true. In the 1950's my mother was a consummate fundraiser for all kinds of groups. She did not have a paid job because she felt that would have been a reflection on my father's capacity to earn. There are still all sorts of charity work and volunteering opportunities besides charity shops, helping out at the citizen advice bureaux, for example. But most of these are done by active seniors. Most women are working in fulltime paid jobs.

Lynn L | 152 comments I think if Mildred lived today she would likely be drawn to a job in a caretaker profession. Just to rent an apartment on her own she would need to work full-time. And she'd need benefits too.

Today there are people like Mildred. But I think there numbers are not that large.

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