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message 1: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Jun 01, 2016 05:33PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments I've had an interesting experience with a purchase at Here's what happened.

My husband ordered a power adapter for his Dell PC. Here's the link to what we ordered:
When it arrived, he found that it wouldn't charge his PC but it would keep the PC going when connected to our power strip.

We brought the PC to the local computer repair store and they said that the power adapter was an "after-market" item (not made especially for Dell) and sometimes they aren't compatible. So they sold my husband a Dell power adapter.

When Amazon asked for their routine online feedback about our purchase, I gave the item one star and explained what had happened. We felt it wasn't worth returning because the shipping would probably be almost be the same as the original cost of $8.39 plus tax.

Soon after that, the manufacturer, Siker Power ( which is in China), sent me an email asking me if I would want a refund. Their message said:
"Dear customer, We would like to solve it for you. the ac adapter is a replacement adapter, not the dell adapter, you could confirm the descriptions : Brand New Replacement Product, works as genuine parts, 158% OEM Compatible!!. so your item can't work, please advise, we could issue refund for you, thank you very much. wait for your reply, Have a nice day!"

I replied saying I would like the refund and I asked about the cost of returning the item. They replied:

"We just issue full refund for you and you need not to return the item back to us, the shipping fees is so high, so could you help remove the negative feedback for us, that is very important for us, thank you very much."

So that's how I got my refund. I was impressed that they came to me and offered me the refund without me asking. Now I will wait to see the refund on my credit card statement!

message 2: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Jun 01, 2016 05:37PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments PS-In case you're interested, I posted the following feedback today:
"This is an addendum to my previous feedback on this product. The seller, Siker Power, has decided to refund my money ($9.13) because the power adapter wasn't compatible with my PC since it was an "After-Market Product". It would not charge my Dell PC even though it would run it when plugged in. I am impressed that Siker Power sought me out in order to give me a refund and to ask that I post this follow-up feedback. Thank you, Siker Power. I will look for my refund on my next credit card statement."

"PS-I would like to add that Siker Power did not require me to return the product, even though they were giving me the refund. The cost of returning the product would have been prohibitive."
PPS-I gave the item 3 stars.

message 3: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Jun 01, 2016 05:36PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments BTW, the time I spent communicating back and forth about this refund (including the feedback messages) wasn't worth the amount of the refund, about nine dollars! LOL

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 6320 comments You should have left the negative feedback for the item & given them high marks for customer service. I hate garbage like that.

message 5: by Joy H., Group Founder (last edited Jun 01, 2016 06:30PM) (new)

Joy H. (joyofglensfalls) | 16697 comments Good idea, Jim. I was afraid I wouldn't get the refund if I didn't make my feedback better. :) At least I mentioned the problem with the item in my follow-up feedback.

BTW, I notice that another purchaser complained as follows: "It stopped working after 3 months. Battery doesn't get charged." But there were a lot of positive reviews there too.

PS-I wonder if that other purchaser will get a refund too.

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