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That cover is gorgeous. I am loving the colors of it and its simplicity.

However, I am concerned that the book will not be great because I am currently finishing the Matched trilogy, and I am not impressed at all.

I thought that this book would not be as interesting as I thought it would be, it turns out I am wrong!! This book is amazing and I love it

i agree with those that said it was VERY different. I got my hands on the first chapter as a teaser months and months before it came out and i was really intrigued by where we were being taken, and i think that the heart of the story is a good one, but i feel like either it should have been set up to be a multi-installment series or there should have been a different build to the end. I found that there were a few story lines that were going parallel path that made sense but were resolved very quickly or perhaps even not at all that left me a bit curious on what we were going to see.

So that being said, i think that it's something that you should definitely check out if you have the time for a fantasy / Dystopia YA that's by a GREAT author and that's so very different than the matched trilogy.

This is very different than Matched. Yes it's still a story of independence and defying those who gain control. But it's also a story of family relationships, loyalty, love and the greater good. I was able to read an ARC and really enjoyed it.

Erin Lynn Really? Great. I love the fact that Condie is a former English teacher because that's what I do, and I was so disappointed in Matched.

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Ikr. I was unsatisfied with the Matched trilogy, but i don't know. I'd probably give it a shot one last time.

Erin Lynn I'm so glad I found someone who agrees. I feel like everyone loved the Matched trilogy and that I was some sort of weird outcast. People even got anno ...more
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I literally JUST finished an ARC of Atlantia by Ally Condie. I read Matched a couple years ago (and enjoyed it--my standards were a lot lower back in the beginning of high school haha) and I went on to read the second book in the trilogy (only getting about halfway through and then marking it as a DNF because I was bored).
I know that Atlantia is getting plenty of five star reviews, but I am personally not impressed with it. I'll probably end up giving it 2.5/5 because the story bored me pretty much the whole way through. It seems like Ally is trying to hard to create this profoundly beautiful underworld dystopia and the main heroine, Rio, wasn't someone that I felt connected to throughout the novel. That doesn't mean that you would feel the same, but if you were critical of Matched, I'm interested to see what you think of this one by Condie!
I really wanted to like it, but it just didn't happen, unfortunately :(

I really didn't like the Matched Trilogy, I felt that writing was detached and robotic. I received a preview of this book and I found myself actually quite interested in the story and I feel like Condie's writing style is different than in her Matched Trilogy. So, I'm hopeful but still a bit apprehensive.

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