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A New Song (Mitford Years, #5)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. The New Song by Jane something...?

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message 1: by Marisa (new)

Marisa (marisasorenson) | 227 comments Hi guys! So today I was going through my old journals and stuff and I discovered a title I had written down. I apparently didn't have time to finish it at the time, so it's unfinished. I have done a few Google searches on this, but I don't claim to be a master, so I was hoping you could help me.

The title is "The New Song" by Jane...?


message 2: by Angharad (new)

Angharad | 99 comments Possibly Jan Karon's A New Song?

message 3: by Marisa (new)

Marisa (marisasorenson) | 227 comments I think so! I read that around the same time...thanks Angharad!

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