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If you could make a speech to the entire Westeros world, what would you say?

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Yes, agreed, and stop killing each other!

Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict Sansa! stop being a total BONEHEAD! Theon, go throw your wimpy miserable self off a cliff! To Joff - You're a little shit as The Hound so kindly puts it. Oh and I hope you die a painful slow death Walder Frey for what you did. And stop with the incest, Cersei and Jaime! it's sickening.

Om a lighter note! Go Dany and Arya and Jon and Tyrion! You guys are my fav characters. So do me a favour and DON'T DIE!!!!!

(excuse my minor use of swearing in this speech)

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Elf Alanna Sand, long lost daughter of Eddard Stark:

My fellow men and women to end the rift among the seven kingdoms, we must destroy the Iron throne. It is the cause of all this hatred and war. Let's place power outside the palaces and unite to fight the real enemy that is slowly moving to invade our lands, the white walkers. Because they are no longer humans, we have little power to destroy them alone. Together let’s gather the only weapon that can decimate them forever, dragonglass, and use our septons and maesters to find the source of the precious glass so that we be prepared and armed for the great battle ahead.

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"Thank you for joining me! We are gathered--wait, where is everyone?"

Dannielle Levan Oooh, I don't think I can without giving spoilers.

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Selena Everyone shut up and let Dany rule!

Scott Kinkade Robb, you should let Hodor take over for a while.

JOIE Sebastian wrote: ""Thank you for joining me! We are gathered--wait, where is everyone?""


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JOIE Selena wrote: "Everyone shut up and let Dany rule!"


Matthew Williams Kenny wrote: "As the question states, if you could make a speech for the entire world of Westeros, what would you say?"

People of Westeros, get a f#&*@$! clue! You lost the only good family you had when you let the Starks die! And now you're being run by a compact of incestious money grubbers, lying treacherous bastards, and backstabbing bitches...

I can't wait for Daenerys to conquer you all!

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Neil Timmons my speech would go something like this:

"Listen up all you stupid motherfucking morons.. THE ZOMBIES ARE UP THERE!! GO KILL THE ZOMBIES!! YOUR ANCESTORS BUILT A GIGANTIC FUCKING WALL TO KEEP THEM OUT BECAUSE THEY ARE CRAZY SCARY!! STOP QUIBBLING ABOUT A NICKEL AND GO KILL ZOMBIES!!! (hint: use that special valerian steel you have, and fire. lots and lots of fire. if only we had a thing that could fly and reign fire from the sky.. that would be really helpful to kill zombies)

not that anybody would listen, then we all get eaten by zombies.. great. (morons).

Scott Kinkade HAHAHA

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Paul Harmon Please bathe more...that is all

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Iris I would tell them all to keep doing what they're doing because my god it's so entertaining! Maybe show a little more mercy to their families at times (I'm looking at YOU Cersei) but that's about it.

message 16: by Matthew (last edited May 13, 2014 11:53PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Matthew Williams Wait, I got another one...

"So... in the last few decades, you folks have been ruled by a madman whose family were inbreeders and loved to burn people alive. Then by a drunken whore-monger who sired countless bastards but somehow didn't notice his own children didn't look anything like him. Then a psychotic child who tortured animals, beheaded his rivals, and descended the Realm into a bloody civil war. And finally, a little boy who's own wife is old enough to be his mother.

And now, the inbred, albino, dragon-taming Targaryens are coming back from exile because you people are too stupid to rule yourselves or notice that the greatest threat to your existence - the White Walkers - are busy gathering their strength while you cut each other's throats and burn each other's villages. Have I got that all right?

Are we not sure the Seven Gods (and/or R'hllor) want you all to die?"

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Adam Meek "Buy a winter coat!"

Matthew Williams Neil wrote: "my speech would go something like this:


Technically, only the Wights are zombies. The ones making them are the White Walkers/Others, who are way scarier! Not only are they smart and alive, but we've seen that they can turn living people into one of them just by touching them on the cheek!

Scott Kinkade Note to self: don't kiss them.

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Ryan Can't we all just get along?

Scott Kinkade Ned: You shouldn't kill Robert.
Cersei: You're right. I'll be a good wife from now on. Jaime, no more incest!
Jaime: Damn.

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Gary Me, personally? What would *I* say? Well, if it were ME I'd say:

Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?

Now I swear the next one of you primates even *touches* me...

Or something along those lines....

James Morton I have come to impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because I allowed it, and you will end because I demand it

Scott Kinkade I don't think so, for I am Eddard Shepard, savior of Westeros! Bow down before me, vile machine.

James Morton Confidence born of ignorance. The cycle cannot be broken. We are the End of everything.

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Igor Ljubuncic There's only speech worthy of a crowd:

Be excellent to each other.
And party on.

Anything else, and you end up preaching fascism ...


Cynthia Get your shit back together and go get stoned or something cause ripping each other apart isn't exactly working in case you hadn't noticed. Arya, keep doing what you're doing you're awesome and I love you.
Sansa: You get your butt back to Winterfell and rebuild it so Arya and Bran have something to come home to.
Jon: Honey I love you but grow some balls
Theon: Either get your balls back or throw yourself off a cliff. Thankyou.
Cersei: You creep me out. Get over it.
Jamie: hello Gorgeous, help your little bro please.
Tywin: I love you but you're being a dick.
Tyrion: Please don't die honey I love youuu you are awesome.
Bran: Don't be a brat.


Courtney A.K.A The Book Addict Cynthia wrote: "Get your shit back together and go get stoned or something cause ripping each other apart isn't exactly working in case you hadn't noticed. Arya, keep doing what you're doing you're awesome and I l..."

awesome speech. couldn't put it any better my self

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Adam Dear Westeros,
Hate to be the bearer of the worst news south of the Wall, but you are all trapped inside the mind of a man with creative powers, both terrible and vast, and none of you are safe from his wrath. He also wears some pretty sweet hats. This is known.
Valar morghulis,

Dustin GLOOOOBAL WARMING!!!!!! The dire wolves and arctic giants are dying breeds and now heading into southern lands. And now the snow zombies are coming to kill the world.

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Sofiene Salem You are All Insanely Insane

Dustin Logen Ninefingers says you have to be realistic.

Diana Here is my speech:

Great people of Westeros, I come to you today with a warnng. A great evil is coming from the North. An evil that we cannot fight unless we band together as one. We must stop this feuding between our kindoms. Your petty differences, incest, whoring, and general power hungry madness are nothing compared to what is coming. Let us come together united in one truth - that we must survive. We must fight for our people, fight for our kindoms, fight for our lives. We must stand together, seven kindoms strong, and destroy the evil that is coming for us all.


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Bill Golden "My fellow Westerosians...

"Today, we shall sally forth and march through the Wall of Fourth. We shall storm the House of Martin, where the wizard George resides, and lay siege.

"We shall allow no one in, except bearers of food and drink.

"We shall make one demand upon the wizard George Martin:


"Now... ONWARD!"

Sherri Moorer Whitewalkers and dragons are real, and they're coming for you. Why do you think it's A Song of Ice and Fire? Duh.

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Alex Sánchez I would definitely say:

"People of Westeros, start living your lives as if every day was the last one, because you never know who George R. R. Martin is going to kill next"


Kizzy Cynthia wrote: "Get your shit back together and go get stoned or something cause ripping each other apart isn't exactly working in case you hadn't noticed. Arya, keep doing what you're doing you're awesome and I l..."

Most awesome speech ever

Kizzy What I would say...

"My good people of Westoros,ROCK ON!!!!"

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Ulca I would say...

WAKE UP!! Winter is reeeeeeeeally coming!
And the chair "the iron throne" doesn't feel cold or hungry and doesn't bleed.
So, you bastards, should stop killing each other and stop burning fields and listening the Starks words: Winter Is Coming.

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Lee Young if you all don't stop this never ending quarrel and bitching about the iron throne, i swear to god that i will summon, gandalf, legolas, gimli and aragon and every living creatures from the realm of Lord of the ring LWPIMP

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