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Matt Comito | 23 comments “We could try hydroponics”
I look up from my urban studies text, ‘Sao Paolo, Mega-city’. “oh?”
“Yeah man, we’ll take our stuff out of the closet. They never audit the rooms right?”
“So wait, where does our stuff go?”
“I don’t know, we’ll figure something out”
“Let’s just not, ok?”
“Don’t be a dick, hear me out”

Phil is a jackass, there’s no two ways about that. 2 months ago I drove down from LA with my car full of my stuff. I was starting my junior year. My apartment is on upper Third, L building. You can almost see the ocean. There is a big guy smoking on the balcony when I arrive, Rob, he helps me with my bags. We get along. Turns out we are in the same apartment but he is not my roommate. Phil’s another story. When I meet him, that straggly mustache, rail thin, edgy, eager, I don’t like him. He is the kind of guy who makes you feel dirty just by saying hello. I find out on the first day he’s a meth dealer. “Study time? Party time? I’m your guy.” Also I find out he’s my roommate.

“I will turn you in myself right now if you don’t let me get back to this shit, I’ve got a midterm tomorrow” That shuts him up for a minute. He can’t be sure I don’t mean it. Truth is neither can I. I go back to my text, favellas, tinder blocks and corrugated tin, burning rain forests, over population, crime, hunger, misery. The metallic gear swivel and pronounced ‘chock’ of a luger’s toggle locking mechanism sounds at my ear. I’m pretty sure that Phil doesn’t know how to lay his hands on the ammo for his Father’s ww2 era souvenir. Then again I’ve never had a gun pointed at my head before.

“So hydroponics, you were saying…” I need to move out.

message 2: by Bonita, scribbler (new)

Bonita (NMBonita) | 73 comments Mod
Love the way you jump right into the action of a story, and allow the reader to 'discover' things bit by bit.

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I'm a fan of your characters. I hope this one continues.

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Esther | 26 comments Mod
That was...well, fun and exciting!

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