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Preferred Weapon:






Strongest Skill:

Weakest Skill:


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Name: Tamika Rasword


District: 12

Preferred Weapon:Sword and Dagger

Appearance: Jet black hair and eyes. Sturdy build.

Personality: She is a vey calm person, yet she is allways ready to fight.

History: She had a mother and a father who were killed by seekers

Family: dead

Crush/Bf/Gf: single

Strongest Skill: She is a great runner,climber,swimmer, has great balance

Weakest Skill: dosent like killing others


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Name: Fertina Husders
Age: 13
Distict: 4
Apperance: She is Native American. Her hair is light brown with a blue feather. Her skin is very tanned.
Personality: She is always friendly, but has a loud mouth. She is skilled in architecture and computer programming.
Family: Mother; Hannah Husders Father; David Hudsers
Weapon: Logic
Strongest Skills: Logic, and making friends.
Weakest Skills: Fighting, and keeping secrets.
Other: She has a pet goldfish.

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Lexi Vos (lexie_vos) | 10 comments Name: Adaline Saltine

Age: 14


Preferred Weapon: Hachette

Appearance: Tall, Brunette, Green/Brown eyes Skinny but strong with a tattoo under her let ear of a key

Personality: Quite, Anti social, But always wide eyed

History: She was born into the world of industry learning to use the tools of the trade from a young age now is highly skilled and deadly

Family: Older Twin Brother and sister Caleb and Caterina and parent Dailia and Malio

Crush/Bf/Gf: Secretly crushing on her best friends brother

Strongest Skill: Finding other people weaknesses and exposing them using them to her advantage

Weakest Skill: Making friends

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georgiabread | 42 comments Mod
Name: Noa Baxwoll

Age: 17

District: 9

Preferred Weapon: Axe

Appearance: Noa has dark brown, wavy hair and chocolate eyes. He has a few freckles scattered over his nose, and a scar running across his neck from an axe cut.

Personality: Noa is very kind and caring and loves to help others out. He does a lot of helping actually-supporting his family after the death of his father, helping his mother with all kinds of jobs, providing his brother with enough chopping lessons, food and drink and attention. He's also a bit of a smartass and always has a joke or too up his sleeve. Noa's a charmer too; at school many girls would fall for him but they were the uptight, vain girls and he had no interest in them whatsoever. However, he's also very brave and sacrifices a lot of things for his family, he's trustworthy and loyal, and he hates to see children suffering. Also, at times memories of his father returna and he closes up, often for 4 or 5 days.

History: Noa grew up in district 7 learning all about felling trees, chopping wood and throwing axes. His father taught him everything he needed to know, and provided for the family. Noa's father was a very kind, generous, couregous man, but one day he met his unfortunate demise. He was out at work one normal day, chopping the base of a tree, a far distance away from the others also chopping. As his tree fell, so did another, and he was unable to hear the approaching tree behind him as the sound was defeaned by his own tree. Noa's father was crushed, and so was the rest of the family.

Noa, who was 13 at the time, was very depressed but eventually he became much braver and stronger and wanted to carry his father's characteristicts to please his father. He took over the role of the man of the house and made sure his family had enough, but it was always a struggle.

Family: Joleen Baxwoll (mother), Jax Baxwoll (brother), Luvius Baxwoll (father-deceased)

Crush/Bf/Gf: none

Strongest Skill: Axe-throwing and chopping-over the years of felling trees, the occupation has granted him strong, muscular arms which can send an axe whizzing through the air at top speed. Running-his long strides can easily transport him 25 metres in less than a minute.

Weakest Skill: Climbing-he's a terrible climber because of his weight, which causes certain branches to snap.

Other: He loves children and can't stand to see them suffering, which will not help him during the games.

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I like it:)

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Ella Jake (ella_jake) | 6 comments Name:Bea Cherry
Preferred Weapon:Knives
Appearance: Sholder lenth Auburn hair, streaks of black hazel eyes, short.
Personality:Kind, Caring, Hard working, Loves pranks, Likes to annoy boys and is go with the flow Tomboy.
History:Grew up with a house full of boys. Mom was always working. Dad would go out and leave us home alone. Bea took charge. Natural leader and worked her socks off all the time to get what she needs.
Family:Older Brother Justin Cherry and younger brother Oscar Cherry. Mom (Diana) Dad (Micheal)
Crush/Bf: Jude James
Strongest Skill:Running and Aim
Weakest Skill:Swimming and Setting Traps
Other:Can't Stand hirly girls and loves to get her hands dirty! Loves Gymnastics/Acro taught herself moves in any spare time;)

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Nice Work Athiyah:)

❤︎Nai Nai❤︎ (goodreadscomnainai) Name: Carlos Jackson


District: 1

Preferred Weapon: swords

Appearance: Sandy Blonde hair with Sea green eyes. Athletic, strong, and fast

Personality: Independent, Curious,a bit of a wise crack and helpful in hard situations

History: His older sister was killed in the games when he was 5 and he now lives with his parents.

Family: Both of his parents work in District 1 and he trains for the games with his uncle Dace

Crush/Bf/Gf: None

Strongest Skill: speed and strength

Weakest Skill: Defense

Other: Loves sports and hates going outside, usually spends most of his time beside his sisters grave.

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Cool! Accepted!

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Name: elana Morris



Preferred Weapon:sword

Appearance:long black hair,brown eyes,

Personality: kind,hard working,mysterious

History: Her older brother and parents died when she was younger.she lives with her older sister clare who is 18.

Family: sister-clare


Strongest Skill:

Weakest Skill:


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Approved but please add strongest and weekest skills:)

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Name: Midori Setter

Age: 17

District: 5

Preferred Weapon: Throwing daggers

Appearance: Oddly dyed green hair that reaches her chin. She's quite skinny and pale, but that adds to her movement skills. She looks faintly of Asian descent; and it's reflected in how she moves.

Personality: A bit cold, she doesn't like people; let alone higher Districts. But she can be manipulative when she wants to.

History: She was diagnosed with a terminal illness a few months ago, and decided in that moment if she was going to die she would do so in the arena.

Family: She moved out a long time ago, abandoning her family to live by herself.

Crush/Bf/Gf: None

Strongest Skill: Movement- she's incredibly fast and not afraid to take risks.

Weakest Skill: Her coldness. She has no chance of making alliances as she is.


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Approved hahaha:)

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I don't know you will have to ask the MOD of Arena

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 173 comments Mod
This got anything to do with Arena 48?

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District; 10

Name: Ami Laderson
Meaning: None, it's from the top of my head.
Characters Nickname: None.
Reason for nickname:None
Birth date: August 21

How old she looks:12
Body build: Thin
Shape of face:Pointed chin, oval shape head.
Eye Color:Green
Glasses or contacts:None
Skin tone: Tan
Distinguishing marks:Long scar on her leg.
Predominant features:None
Hair color:Redwood tree red.
Type of hair: Thin
Hairstyle: Pixie cut.
Voice:Pettite, quiet
Overall active ness:34 Hours a week
Physical disabilities:Scar on leg.
Usual fashion of dress: Jeans, plaid shirt pulled up to elbows.
Favorite outfit: Floral dress that goes to knees.
Jewelry and accessories: Rope bracelet that can be use in survival.

Good personality traits: Honest, Hardworking, and a survivalist.
Bad personality traits: Shy, a crybaby, and doesn't know her own strength.
Mood usually in: Okay.
Sense of humor:She gets a lot of jokes, but only uses puns.
Greatest joy in life:Nature and animals.
Greatest fear:Heights
Why: She fell of a tractor when she was young.
What single event would cause this characters life to go into complete turminal; If she had to go back to the orphanage.
Character is most at ease when: She's in the forest.
Most Ill at ease; When she's in a big city.
Enraged when:Anyone or anything is hurt.
Sad when: her brother was reaped, and when her animals die.
Priorities: To run the farm, and not die in the blood bath.
Life philosophy: Kindness can get you anywhere.
If granted one wish it would be:That no one ever got reaped for the hungergames.
Why:Her brother died in the hunger games.
Characters soft spot:Animals.
Is the soft spot obvious: Yes.
Greatest strength:Survival and strength.
Greatest weakness:Her scar and nervousness.
Biggest regret:Not stopping her brother from putting in extra of his names.
Minor regret:Forgetting to feed one of the cows.
Biggest accomplishment: Running away from the orphanage.
Minor accomplishment: Saving a squirrel from a hunting trap.
Past failures that she is embarrassed about: She never told authorities about Mrs.Oval.
Why:Mrs. Oval ran the orphanage, and almost killed Ami.
Characters darkest secret: She's an orphan.
Does anyone else know:Her family.

Motivations: Her brothers death.
Immediate goal:Not die in the bloodbath.
Long-term goal: Bring Mrs. Opal's orphanage down.
How she'll achieve these goals:Run away and expose her.
How others will be affected: Viewers won't be satisfied, and the orphans will be free.

Hometown: Dallas.
Type of childhood:She was tortured in the orphanage.
Pets:10 Cows, One horse, 7 Chickens, and 5 Sheep.
First memory: Watching her friend get whipped.
Most important childhood memory:When Ami over heard on the TV that her brother died.
Why:He was her hero.
Childhood hero;Her real brother.
Dream job;Barn manager.
Edication:9th grade.
Religion:None. She hasn't had time for that.
Finances:Her family's farm.

Location:The Capitol.
Living with:The other tribute, and her trainer.
Pets:12 cows, one horse, 9 chickens, and 8 sheep.

Mom: Adoptive; Mooli
Relationship:Loves her, shows Ami the ropes of cattle ranching.
Dad: Adoptive; Denyeil
Relationship:Loves her, teaches her to farm.
Siblings: Real: Paterick
Relationship: Best friend, teaches her to survive.

Least favorite color: White.
Form of entertainment:Books.
Expressions: None.
Mode of transportation:Tractor.
Prized possession; Survival bracelet.

Hobbies:Horse riding.
Musical instument: Flute.
Sports: Horseback riding.
How would she spend a rainy day; Reading.
What does she do too often;Check up on the animals.
What she does to little of: Chores.
Extremely skilled at: Strength.
Extremely unskilled at:Archery.
Nervous tics:The Hunger Games.
Usual body posture: Back straight, but head slightly down.
Mannerisms: Pushes stray hair behind ear.

Introvert, but likes to be outside.
Methodical and neat
Unsure of herself
Animal lover

How she feels about herself;That shes okay, but not the best, and will probably fail.
One word she describes her self with; Nice.
One paragraph about herself:I'm okay, but I could be better. Im a scary cat and a crybaby. My life decisions aren't the best, and I probably won't make many more good ones. I'm not the best, my brother is the true hero.
What does the character consider her best personality trait: Her honesty.
Her worst personality trait: A crybaby.
What does she think her best physical trait is: Upper body strength.
What she thinks her worst physical trait is: Her scar.
How she thinks others think of her: Weak and pathetic.
What she would like to change about herself: She wants to be braver.

Opinion of people: They are mean.
Does she hide her true opinions: Yes.
Person character most hates: Mrs. Opal
Best freind: Ivy and Ebby her cows.
Love intrests:None.
Person character goes to for advice: Mom.
Person she feels responsible for: Her brother.
Person she feels shy around:Everyone.
Most important person before this story starts: Her brother.
After the story starts: Herself.

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Y'all better freaking appreciate it! It took me five hours!!!

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I was shopping half the time... But from when I opened it it when I pressed done it was 5 hours.

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Approved and I appreciate it :P

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