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Here you can create a downworlder




Preferred Weapon:






Strongest Skill:

Weakest Skill:


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Name:Terab Serdea
Normal form: Terab is 6 feet 2 inch tall. He has blonde hair and sea-green eyes.
Wolf form: Grey wolf with brown eyes.
History: He was born a wolf lived normally in his pack. He is trying to be pack leader, but the leader is his father, so he can't kill him. His mother was killed in a fire.
Personality: He is shy but very protective. His father trained him hard so he is reliable in a battle. He has a weird phobia of clowns. Terab also speaks with a little stutter. He is very kind.
Family: Fernando Serdea (Father), Caroline Serdea (Mother-Deceaced)
Strongest skills:
Weakest skills:
~Social interactions
~Surviving on his own.
Love interests: None
Other: He has a collection of rocks, and he has a pet hamster named Full-Moon.

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Nice I like it:)

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Name: Merissa Lanchurst

Age: 17

Species: Werewolf

Preferred Weapon: claws and teeth

Appearance: brown hair green/ yellow eyes
transforms into a brown wolf really shaggy hair

She is really nice but she is also quiet and timid
History: She was turned by her ex boyfriend

Family: two mundane parents whom she dosen't remember much


Strongest Skill: strength,iron grip,swimming

Weakest Skill: silver


❤︎Nai Nai❤︎ (goodreadscomnainai) Name: Marissa Decrain

Age: 16


Preferred Weapon: Daggers and Bitting

Appearance:Curly black hair, big grey eyes and really pale skin

Personality: Humorous, sarcastic, brave, kind hearted

History:Her parents were born as vampires and she was bitten when she was 3. She lives in with her step mom and wishes she was never a vampire in the first place. Tries to live a pretty normal life.

Family: Step mom ad dad, Step brother who is 10 years old


Strongest Skill: Fast mover, clever, and has perfect aim

Weakest Skill: Claustrophobia and sunlight

Other: She loves music and never goes outside, she's home schooled and drawing and reading.

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Name: Blaze Transy

Age: 19

Species: Warlock

Preferred Weapon: magic or daggers

Appearance: http://lauravanstymest.files.wordpres...

Personality: Blaze is actually a really shy person and since he is still trying to figure out who and what he is he tends to push people away. He can be very kind and sweet though.

History:Blazes Father was a demon and his mother was a mundane and Blaze was an accident. His mother was going to do abortion but instead just gave him away. He has been living in different houses with different families all his life and none of them have truly excepted him yet.

mom and dad - unknown

Crush/Bf/Gf: single - bisexual

Strongest Skill:

Weakest Skill:
at the moment his powers and talking about his past

Other:  he loves kittens and his Warlock mark is pointed ears and purple cat eyes.

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Arwen Name: Magnus Bane

Age: unknown

Species: Warlock

Preferred Weapon: magic


Personality: Magnus is sly but will always tell the truth in one form or another. He has his wall up which doesn't let people see what he is really like. to people he comes of as sarcastic and aloof. with sassy and with a fair amount of glitter.

History: unknown, but he was involved with the Carstairs and the Lightwoods

Family: none to be none

Crush/Bf/Gf: Alec

Strongest Skill: martial arts

Weakest Skill: protecting those who he loves

Other: none

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Arwen danke

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Arwen ((were in Aussie are you? I'm in Bundanoon right now))

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Arwen ((ah damn! im also in Sydney on Fri))

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