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Skye | 193 comments Thanks!

message 2: by Elaine (new)

Elaine (httpgoodreadscomelaine_chaika) | 43 comments A Goodreads author is one who has published books and/or articles and is a member of Goodreads. I am a Goodreads author who has several publications already.

I am now working on a book about dogs called Humans, Dogs, and Civilization.

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Shomeret | 22 comments You have to claim your author profile to be a Goodreads author. At the bottom of your author page is "Is this you? Please let us know." Then you click on the link and give Goodreads the information they need.

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Barbara (lv2scpbk) | 1256 comments Mod
If you've written a book, and it's published in print, ebook, or self-published, and you are here on Goodreads, you are a Goodreads author.

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Skye | 193 comments Thanks, all!

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