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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Thompson | 2 comments Looking for beta readers for a work in progress fantasy novel. Currently 75k words, 20 chapters. Any assistance graciously appreciated!

message 2: by Husnaa (new)

Husnaa  (xohusnaaxo) | 48 comments Hey,
Please post a synopsis of this (:

message 3: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Thompson | 2 comments Opps, forgot about that! =D

Artym, a young man on the edge of darkness. The son of a legendary warrior, his nightmares been haunted by the shadows of the war. A bloody conflict that claimed his mother’s life, turned his father into a drunkard, and shattered his innocent existence. Seeking to escape the pain of his reality, he and his closest friend, a spirited young lass and seeker of truth named Len embark on a wild, reckless adventure to the ruined haunts of Darkhold. In search of a priceless gem they believe lies within.

What they find within though will test them to their core, for at the heart of the ruined keep is a secret long buried since time immortal. A power coveted by empire, kept safe by the gods above. A power of which only one can wield. The accursed blade of oblivion, the harbinger of the final judgement of the world, where upon Emissary would come, to judge the worth of the world.

The two young folk clash with the dark power of the Imperium, a battle which will forever change all involved. Joined in their trials by a kindly yet mysterious girl named Mia, they will face the cruel realities of the world, and the powers amassed against them. They will garner friends, and gain enemies. They’ll embrace the secret gifts deep within. They will know the truth of eternal love, and the pain of loss. And through their journey, they will bring hope, for themselves, and the world.

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