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Johannes Cabal the Detective (Johannes Cabal, #2)
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Bleu Caldwell (bleucaldwell) | 12 comments Mod
I've downloaded books 1 and 2 and am ready to go once I'm done with my current reads. Looking forward to finally reading this series -- it looks great!

Bleu Caldwell (bleucaldwell) | 12 comments Mod
I'm about 75% through the audiobook of Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (#1 in the series) and I can't believe that these books aren't more popular. It's really reminiscent of Gaiman and Prachett, and reminds me a lot of a darker Good Omens. And the Maleficarian Army song is one of my favorite things ever.

(sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic)

Big squidhead lies a-sleeping at the bottom of the sea,
And one day, when the stars are right, he’ll wake up presently,
And then may wipe us all out, which sounds worrying to me,
While the Tcho-Tcho sing this song…

Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Cthulhu!
Cosmic horror coming to you,
The Old Ones are back now with a view to
Sucking out your brains.

Big Squidhead lies a-sleeping, although, in a way, he’s dead.
There are dreams that change reality a-running round his head.
He lies in dread R’lyeh, which is on the ocean bed.
But pops up and down for fun.

And the Tcho-Tcho sing
Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Yog-Sothoth!
The streets will be chockablock with shoggoth,
How sweetly their cries ‘Tekeli-li!’ doth
Improve the slimy hour.

Big Squidhead lies a-scheming at the bottom of the sea,
He is counting out the aeons that make up eternity,
And when he’s done, it’s curtains for the mast majority,
While the Tcho-Tcho get on down.

Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Shub-Niggurath!
We’re on the winning side to see the aftermath,
Put on your marching boots because we’re on the path,
To the end times, here we come!
To the end times, here we come!
To the end times! Here! We! Coooooooooome!

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