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message 1: by Scott, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms (new)

Scott (scott18044) | 23 comments Mod
Pretty simple question here: Of the five books that have been released so far, which has been your favourite and why?

message 2: by Ashley, Khaleesi across the Narrow Sea (new)

Ashley (ashleydpt) | 32 comments Mod
My favorite book of the series was definitely A Storm of Swords, and the reasoning behind that is that there is just so much that happens in them! As I'm American I read it all in one go the first time around, but then I purchased the British copies, which split them into two, and I have to say that the second half of it was just a thrill ride. I of course loved all the books but that one was by far my favorite. Holding out hope that maybe The Winds of Winter will knock it off the favorites though!

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