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message 1: by Maria (new)

Maria (mariawb) | 21 comments Hello =)

I'm Maria, and since it's past midnight in Denmark, I'm now 29 yrs old. From Denmark - obviously ;-)

I've been reading non stop since December '01 - I always have a book I'm reading and always plan ahead for when I finish. I prefer to read in English because I find translations to be cringe-inducing most of the time. Plus, I've been speaking English fluently since I was 10, so I have no issues with the words. I love words, and I love (british) English. And Australian. And kinda Canadian, too, eh? ;-)

Before December '01, I hadn't read a thing in 1½ due to deep depression. I read the first Harry Potter book in five days and was damned proud. Then I read the second one in three days. I could read them both in one day now, but then - a big thing! I've read that series a total of five times, three of them in English, which is where my love of English has come from. I'm somewhere above 250 books since then when re-reads are included.
I'm still ill, and I lost my father in 2002. Reading has kept me going given me something to do and a place to escape.

I read mostly fantasy, my favourites being Harry Potter and The Death Gate Cycle. Harry Potter has such a special place in my heart because it was the first books I read after my dry spell, but I have to admit that Death Gate is just... Superb! The best books ever!

Anyway, I guess that's it for now. Oh, I also have two dogs I adopted from Spain and they are my LIFE! Since I got the second one last year, I have a dilemma.. I only have one free hands to cuddle them with while I'm reading!


message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10001 comments Mod
Welcome Maria and thank you for sharing such a personal story! We're happy to feed your reading addiction. With us, you'll never run out of books to read!

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