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David Myers Why should I care about reading classical literature?

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Candice I don't know if it is a matter of caring about it, or even liking it, exactly, but everyone should be aware of the value and influence of classical literature. It has the thoughts, ideas and values that have shaped, and continue to shape our world and culture. It is a source of inspiration and ideas that help us to think, learn and grow. It is the legacy of some of the most creative and intelligent minds the world has ever known.

Lora The classics humanize us.
The classics let us touch timelessness.
The classics are part of civilization, not society.
The classics feed our brains the way healthy foods feed our bodies.

TheBohemianBookworm Classics teach us about truths of humanity that are relevant to this day. They have the power to reach across time and touch us. They show us that humans no matter what time they live in, are really just the same. That is why the classics are important.

Renee E They can give you a better perspective on history. You can learn a great deal about human nature; what changes over time with society and cultural mores and what is part of our basic hardwiring.

They are a great baseline for your growth as a reader — and a human being.

Don't let anyone insist, though, that ALL classics are for EVERY reader. There are going to be some you don't like, some you love, some you loathe, and some you cannot bring yourself to finish and some you change your mind about with the passage of time and changing perspectives.

Alex Up to now I have read books from all genders and I have to confess that the classics are the ones who enjoyed me the most!Maybe it's a reason why they are named classics..it means that they are very-well wrote books and that they survived the pass of the time.What do you think?

Referring to Ivanhoe, I can say that it's a very book. I really enjoyed it and I-m planning to reread it!
And YES, I think is one of the best classic with knighthoods!

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