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message 1: by Tan (last edited May 05, 2014 12:21PM) (new)

Tan Morgan (tanmorgan) | 6 comments Mod
Hey there!

Thanks for joining the group. I'm a born Jamaican and still living on the island.

Where are you from? You don't have to be from the Caribbean. All are welcome! Oh, if you have a blog you'd like to share please do so.

message 2: by Yulande (new)

Yulande Lindsay (lande40) | 2 comments Jamaica

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew My family is from St Lucia. I was a baby when my parents left to start a new life in the UK.

message 4: by S. (new)

S. Rivera (sjacksonrivera) | 1 comments Hi. Not from the Caribbean, but I love to visit as often as possible. I love to scuba dive, hike the jungles, sit on the beach and write . . . you get the picture.

If I have a minute to sit down and enjoy a good fantasy, I prefer to use that time to write. Jungle: The Whispering Ruins is currently available on Amazon and I am, hopefully, getting close to having a romance story finished which takes place on an island in the Caribbean. So happy to find this group.

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon I reside in Maryland and am really putting forth an effort to read a more diverse selection of books. I look forward to seeing the recommendations and discussions that appear here. I do have a blog and there you'll find a review of the recently released novel 'Til the Well Runs Dry. It is set in Trinidad and is a whirlwind of a read!

message 6: by Ty (new)

Ty Moore-Denning (tymd) | 2 comments I'm from South Carolina, but currently reside in North Carolina. I have very strong Gullah ties in my family or Geechee as some people tend to call it.

message 7: by O.a. (new)

O.a. Kennedy | 1 comments Barbados! No blog yet! But I just launched my first book "The Soltreian Chronicles". It follows a young Barbadian who survives the apocalypse to realize that not only is he alive, but he is now immortal. It has lots or Caribbean flavor. lol

The facebook link is here

You can search for it here on Goodreads or on Amazon.

message 8: by Alexia (new)

Alexia Lewis (alexialewis) | 1 comments Hi all, I am from the UK I was born here but my father is Jamaican and came here in his teens and all my grandparents are from Jamaica

message 9: by Tan (new)

Tan Morgan (tanmorgan) | 6 comments Mod
Welcome Alexia. Big up yourself.

message 10: by Terryann (new)

Terryann Scott (terryannscott) | 1 comments I am from jamaica and my blog link is below

message 11: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Grahame | 2 comments Hi,
I am Jennifer Grahame. Jamaican, living in Jamaica. You can find me
Not a lover of blogging, but may put my short stories in my blog space, There are some short stories on the website. Enjoy.

message 12: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Grahame | 2 comments In my haste and excitement to find a Caribbean group I quickly joined without looking at dates. Checking back to see if there was any response to my post I noticed the last post made in this group was in 2014. Is there another Caribbean group more up to date and alive?

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Jones (amanda_gabrielle_jones) | 3 comments Lol. I guess there might be. I don’t know that Goodreads is a great spot for bloggers though? On the flipside some people do such great and detailed reviews that people follow them in much the same way as if they were blogging. I might be wrong though. What made you choose Goodreads in connection with blogging? I might be missing something. I haven’t blogged anywhere with regularity for years .... but I recently got added to a Facebook group of Caribbean bloggers anyway. Maybe I could try to get the name of it and share it with you? It seems like an active group.

message 14: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Jones (amanda_gabrielle_jones) | 3 comments Ok I’m reading again .... you put short stories on your blog ... interesting idea .... Could be a way to reach readers .... but keep communicating within the writing community and you’ll eventually find the right people who can advise and connect you better, so you can find the right media to grow your readership! Good luck!

message 15: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Jones (amanda_gabrielle_jones) | 3 comments Oh Jeez. I’m very bad too. In my haste to reply to you I missed the fact that the original post invited members to share their blogs. 😂😂😂 you know what, I better go have breakfast!

message 16: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Sealy (seawomanbds) | 1 comments Hi Everyone! I'm a writer from Barbados. A bit about me - I started my blog about 12 years ago - for writers of our region and beyond. It's designed to share publishing opps, tools and more. I also am about to launch the book trailer for my 1st book, "Chronicles Of A Seawoman: A Collection of Poems" & noting the journey at the writing blog. Sign up on my Author's List:

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