Savage Delight (Lovely Vicious, #2) Savage Delight question

How do you think Jack will act after Sophia's death?

^^ Those were my thoughts. Exactly!
I know she was in pain and all, and I respect that, but how could she have just made Jack go through all that effort, time, endurance and determination to get her that money for her operation, only to turn around and basically throw it to waste?
I love this series, I really do, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. I also have that feeling that the blame game is going to be going around, but I'm super excited anyway! :)

the ending of the book almost caused me to fall off my bed... I wonder if Isis will be blamed for Sophia death by Jack, because she was the last one with her before she died. what about the guilt that Jack will now feel because he never get to tell Sophia about Isis? im super excited for the third book!!

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I have this feeling that not only Jack will blame Isis for Sophia's actions but she will do it herself as well... and I really don't want it!
Jack spent so much time working this "job" so that she could have the surgery and when he finally got enough money and quit... she just jumped... this is just not right...
I'm like 99% sure that there will be crying screaming and depression of course too... this is just so wrong :'(

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