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message 1: by Josh, quasi mad man (new)

Josh | 86 comments Mod
Which web world would you choose for your bachelor/ette pad or family homestead? Got a dream job on another world? Hobbies? Social scenes? Name your favorite planets.

My picks: I'd live on Bernard's world, where it's relatively normal and quiet, I'd party on Tau Ceti Center on Fridays, scuba dive on Maui-Covenant, and go hiking on Hyperion (post-Shrike era). I'd probably work on Tau Ceti Center too, since I love the publishing industry.

SPOILER: Post-Hegemony "web" I'd be perfectly fine on Hyperion being a frontier man.

message 2: by Trevor (last edited May 13, 2014 05:40PM) (new)

Trevor Claus-Wheeler | 5 comments I like the Scuba diving Idea. I think it might be a little depressing though, since I would know what had happened to the dolphins and the islands.
I think I would really like to have a room on God's Grove, so I can go sightseeing and tree-hiking, checking out the local fauna and flora. the food is really good too. plus it would just be a good place to calm down and think. my dream job would probably be an ecologist on God's Grove or some other wildlife-rich planet.

A little bedroom/library on nevermore I think would be really nice too. because I really like sleeping/reading through storms. I also would like a room on Hebron overlooking the New Jerusalem marketplace, giving me a lot of opportunities to mingle with people from another cultures.

message 3: by Josh, quasi mad man (new)

Josh | 86 comments Mod
Great picks! How could you NOT have a big part of your life on God's Grove? That place was made for soul-soothing. I've got it, combine Maui-Covenant's islands and God's Grove's forests and make them floating sky islands, a la Avatar. Dreamy.

If you had to pick one, b/c, say, something happened to the farcasters, which ONE would it be?

message 4: by Trevor (new)

Trevor Claus-Wheeler | 5 comments Oh my god, Covenent's grove would be amazing. If I could pick one, it would probably be God's Grove. It would be more or less safe there, the Templars would make good company, and an extended visit to one of the most pristine planets in the hegemony, why not?

Also, imagine if you had a bathroom on the planet wide ocean of Mare Infinitus, like Martin Silenus used to have, and then right after you got up, the farcasters stopped working. man, that would be awful, Hahaha!

message 5: by Josh, quasi mad man (new)

Josh | 86 comments Mod
hahaha. oh, man. I cannot stop laughing. You're on your floating toilet on the ocean, you go to get some more toilet paper and the farcaster fizzles out. Awkward.

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