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April Hart | 2 comments Series published within the last 4 years is my guess. She goes to a new school with her mate, they are shifters, he's just been elected leader of his group. Four main types of para normals go to school together; shifters, vampires, magic users, and one other. Her mate is killed during an attack at a bar. She becomes leader upon her mates death. She and her 3 best friends find solace together,all four are leaders of their groups. Inter special relationships are severely looked down on. The four become closer and pair up secretly. Survivors of a mass attack convene together in an underground cave like place that is protected by magic. During times of strife each leader gets an animal guide, the four get cubs, and miracle of miracles, they all get along,their names are Bonnie and Clyde, and Wesley and Buttercup. Spoiler alert! She's half vampire , half shifter, if anyone finds out she's dead. Her chosen lover is a vampire. She gets pregnant with twins, loses them. They try to stay apart but can't. When they are caught by the elders, one is evil, their punishment is to have their memories of each other erased. They don't know she's pregnant again when this is decided. She wakes as commander of a battlefield with no memory of who the baby's father is, and her guardians can't tell her. If u recognize this book series, have a name, title, or author, PLEASE contact me via my email. This has been driving me nuts!

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Darcy (mrsbean04) | 20 comments Is this it? King Hall

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April Hart | 2 comments Yes!!!!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!

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