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Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)
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message 1: by Charlesc (new)

Charlesc | 6 comments Collins,Suzanne.Caching Fire.New York: Scholastic Press,2009.Print.

message 2: by Charlesc (new)

Charlesc | 6 comments This time I read Catching fire. In the last book Katniss was chosen to go to the Hunger Games. She won and now she is living in peace and plenty, but happens that you will love. I guess the genre of this book is fantasy adventure. I really enjoy this authors writing style. It's funny in places, but it's serious when it's necessary. I feel good about this book. the setting is future apocalyptic america.

message 3: by Tyreek (new)

Tyreek Springer | 4 comments I happy for the girl. She was willing sarcfice her self for that life that she got for everybody. Thats a true leader, you espically need that in a apocalyptic America.

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