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So many questions?
Nancy Nancy May 04, 2014 03:35PM
Can someone help me out? I have so many questions about this book. First, why did Natasha leave the hospital and her sister the second time? I know she was on drugs again but I don't see why that would make her want to leave her life that she had finally gotten pulled back together. It had meaning and purpose and she was with the only person she could call family. Am I missing something?

I think the fact that Natasha began using heroin again was the very reason she decided to leave Sonja a second time. She numbed her sadness from Maali's death with "pinches of heroin" from the supply found in the hospital. She began using it only once or twice a month during that first year following Maali's death, but soon began "finding reasons to snort on a daily basis.". The only way to escape heroin addiction was for her to leave her work at the hospital to avoid the daily temptation to use the heroin found in the hospital. Yes, ultimately it meant leaving Sonja but she felt she had to to escape her addiction to heroin.

You're probably right but it doesn't ring true to me. She must have known it meant almost certain death. If she had told her sister, they could have kept the drugs away from Natashia like they did when she first came back.

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