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J.M. Christian (arandil) | 6 comments I know, the title sounds corny, but how else was I going to get your attention? ;)

Anyway, if you're a fantasy buff like me who enjoys stories with elves, monsters, special powers, and darker fantasy, take a look at my new book, The Dark Wolf.

He is a shadow, a wraith that stalks the night whom none can flee, whose sword is faster than the panic that flows through his prey. A man’s form he bears, but the abilities he possesses are beyond those of mortals. He is their worst nightmare come alive before them. No blade can stop him, no blow can halt his advance. He is Death incarnate.

Shunned and feared, hated and despised, he walks the world alone, desolate. Despite his awesome strength, he is helpless to do anything but obey the one who holds his very mind in an iron fist.

What hope of redemption could a being such as him have? What could possibly heal a battered and scarred soul whipped by the cruelty of others? How can anything quench the consuming fire of Darkness within? How could anyone love or accept…The Dark Wolf.



message 2: by J.M. (new)

J.M. Christian (arandil) | 6 comments Got another review of my book. :)

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