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Did anyone else think Harry was going to be an Animagus?
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I have finished all the books and I remember while reading PoA thinking that Harry was going to be an Animagus like his father. WAS I THE ONLY ONE????? I wasn't even 5% sure. It crossed my mind for literally a minute. Animagi are rare, I know, but it wasn't a topic I dwelled on for too long. I was just wondering if it had occurred to anyone else. The possibility.

No. It didn't occur to me but why would it? You MAKE yourself an Animagus (through a very long process of spells and charms and stuff I might add), you don't just become one genetically or anything and since everything was from Harry's POV we knew he wasn't considering becoming an Animagus so no, it never crossed my mind.

Yes. Sorry.

Nightlock is right you make yourself one. however i dont think that harry ever saw a need or had the time, you with voldemort afterhim and what not, to become an animagus. but i did think about it and also thought that if he did it would have been too much, kinda like superman, hes so overpowered its almost not fun, ALMOST though. gotta love comics

I agree with Nightlock...

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