Twist Me (Twist Me, #1) Twist Me question

is there any book similar like this?
Aivelia Aivelia May 04, 2014 09:50AM
I wonder if theres a book that has simmilar to this one, where the kidnapper obsessed with the vilaint and thats the purpose of the kidnapping.

deleted member Jul 20, 2014 02:25AM   0 votes
Consequences series by Aleatha Romig is aawesome

Hero- Leighton Del Mia

The Darkness of Perfection - Michael Schneider
Comfort Object - Annabel Joseph
Comfort Food - Kitty Thomas
Obsession - Claire Thompson
Wander Lust, Hear Me, Don't Let Go, Keep Me Safe - Skye Warren
Nearly Broken & Nearly Mended - Devon Ashley
Beneath The Burn! - Pam Godwin
Consequences series - Aleatha Romig
Captive series - CJ. Roberts
Uncovering You series - Scarlett Edwards

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