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Powerhouse: Hard Pressed (Adventures Of Powerhouse, #3)
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Powerhouse Hard Pressed (Adventures Of Powerhouse, #3) by Adam Graham Adam Graham
Genre: Christian Fiction
Page Count: 226

Book Description:
Dave Johnson’s dreams have come true. He’s taken Seattle by storm as Powerhouse, a metal-clad crime fighter. His awesome array of powers has the underworld on the run, his charitable efforts are a success, and he has a popular comic book. When his publisher is bought out, he’s given every fan’s dream: he’s tasked with creating his own line of comic books. His biggest problem is his tendency to attract campy, wannabe “supervillains” who aren’t worthy opponents.

Mitch “the Pharaoh” Farrow wants to turn Dave’s dream into a nightmare. Mitch’s job is to spread cynicism ahead of an interdimensional alien invasion. The aliens’ king has promised to cure Mitch’s dying daughter when he takes over and Mitch will do anything to save her. He uses every tool at his disposal, from a massive media smear machine to a force field bubble that crushes its victim into atoms.

With the help of new allies and old friends, Powerhouse strives to protect his family and the citizens of Seattle from the forces of cynicism.

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Lisa Foster (lmurnc) | 53 comments Hi,
I'd be interested in reading and reviewing this! My email is
I'd prefer a Mobi format if possible.
Thank you,
Lisa Foster RN, Forensic genealogist

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sent in your request Lisa

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Lisa Foster (lmurnc) | 53 comments thanks

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